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Work-Related Stress and Opium Addiction

Work-Related Stress and Opium AddictionStress is inevitable – individuals are going to feel it in all aspects of their lives, including while at work. However, some individuals experience more stress in the workplace than others, often leading to the development of work-related stress. Some of the most common side effects of work-related stress include physical pain, troubled sleeping patterns, forgetfulness, changes in appetite, irritability, anxiety, and even depression. In addition to these symptoms of work-related stress is also the potential to develop an addiction problem, such as an addiction to opium.

How Can Work-Related Stress Lead to Opium Addiction?

Any type of stress can lead to an opium addiction, especially if it is extreme enough to cause serious side effects that make an individual more likely to want to abuse this substance. When used, opium creates the effects of extreme relaxation, euphoria, physical and emotional pain relief, and decreased anxiety. This drug is often abused by individuals who experience work-related stress for the following reasons:

  • Being overworked – Individuals who have work-related stress often feel overworked. This can include having to put in extra hours on a regular basis, or not having enough time to even enjoy a lunch break without being beckoned back to their desks. This can cause an individual to need to find a quick release for the stress he is feeling, which is often found through opium use.
  • Unable to handle mounting demands – Work-related stress often builds up because an individual is encouraged to continually take on projects that seemingly pile up out of control. Being unable to handle this kind of workload, or being unable to say “no” when asked to take on more responsibilities often causes work-related stress to become worse, making an individual feel so overwhelmed that he uses opium as a method of blocking out the demands of the day.
  • Losing personal time – Working in an environment where work-related stress is present can make an individual feel depressed and anxious. These psychological effects can cause him to lose out on maximizing his personal time at home and with friends or family, only causing his depression or anxiety to get worse. The worse these issues get because of little to no social life can prompt an individual to abuse opium to cope with how much his work-related stress has impacted his life.

Work-related stress can cause opium addiction when an individual is being overworked, when he is unable to handle mounting demands, or he loses his own personal time outside of work to depression and anxiety caused by work.

Coping with Work-Related Stress and Preventing Opium Addiction

Stress is going to be everywhere, which makes it necessary for individuals to learn how to cope with it in a healthy manner so they do not develop issues such as opium addiction. Through the use of therapy, individuals can learn how to utilize positive outlets for stress, become comfortable with saying “no” when the stress is too much, and balancing both work and life in ways that keep them from turning to the use of opium to cope.

Do You Need Treatment for Opium Addiction?

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