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Why You Don’t Have to Reinvent the Wheel to End Your Addiction

Why You Don’t Have to Reinvent the Wheel to End Your Addiction

Some people use exciting and useful new techniques to overcome addiction, but the underlying principles are the same

Addiction is a complicated and devastating disease that affects people of every age. Many addicts believe that recovery is as complicated as addiction and waste untold time trying to develop their own path to freedom. Others, fearing that they aren’t strong enough, avoid rehab altogether. The truth is that contemporary addiction recovery programs are highly effective and relatively simple. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel in order to break free from substance abuse. The trail through this terrible disease has already been blazed.

The Principles of Addiction and Recovery

In addition to helping an addict detox comfortably and safely, the best modern treatment programs are based on the following principles:

  • Thoroughly diagnosing all underlying emotional and psychological issues
  • Strategic individual counseling
  • Support group experiences
  • Education
  • Introduction to healthy new habits
  • Complete transparency and accountability

While there are certainly some effective programs that are constantly innovating new therapeutic elements, the underlying principles are remarkably consistent:

  • Emotional or physical pain triggers a craving for relief
  • The addict – often not intending to get drunk or high – positions herself to have access to a substance
  • The addict succumbs to the temptation and relapses
  • Relapse leads to frustration, shame and other painful emotions
  • That pain leads to additional cravings for relief

The goal of rehab, then, is to interrupt this process and to help the addict become more mindful (aware and in control of) his underlying pain and distress. New ways of managing that underlying pain must be learned, practiced and mastered. The recovery continues long after rehab in the form of aftercare tools such as continued counseling and meetings. Some people use exciting and useful new techniques to overcome their addiction, but the underlying principles are the same. It is also tragically common for the mind of an addict to drive him to develop his own sobriety plan instead of trusting the proven wisdom of existing tools.

24-Hour Addiction Treatment Helpline

If you would like more information about the simplicity and efficacy of contemporary treatment programs please call our toll-free helpline any time. Our staff members are available any time of day or night with the following free, no-strings-attached, services:

  • Answers to all of your questions about addiction and rehab
  • Overviews of the various types of treatment that are available
  • Immediate access to the best programs for your specific needs
  • Confirmation of insurance coverage for treatment costs

Simply put, you need to find a new way to manage the emotional and physical pain that you are currently medicating with drugs. We can help. Call now.