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Why More People Are Getting Opium Addiction Treatment

Why More People Are Getting Opium Addiction TreatmentOpium is one of the most popular and powerful substances found in modern prescription pain medications. Opium is found in prescription medications like hydrocodone and OxyContin, and is most popular in illicit form as heroin. Medications formulated with opium are primarily used for the treatment of severe pain. The substances work by binding to opiate receptors in the brain. Depending on the dosage and individual, this usually blocks the transmission and reception of pain signals while producing few unwanted side effects. Additionally, opium gratifies reward centers in the brain to provide a general sense of contentment and wellbeing. While these properties make opiate medications effective, they also mean that the use of any form of opium is accompanied by a high risk for dependency and addiction.

Opium Addiction

Primarily, addiction occurs after an individual uses a substance with an opiate derivate for long periods of time. Because the medication not only blocks pain, but makes them feel good, the effects of opium are hard to recreate. Over time, the body and brain begin to crave more and more of the substance. Eventually a dependency can occur, and can be defined as the situation in which an individual feels inadequate to face the demands of daily life without consistent doses of the drug.

Opium Addiction Treatment

If you have become addicted to opium in any form, it is not recommended that you discontinue use of the drug outright. This can lead to dangerous, painful and potentially fatal side effects. To ensure safety, comfort and a good chance at a successful recovery, more and more people are turning to quality treatment facilities specifically designed to treat opiate addiction.

There are a few options for treatment. Treatment can primarily be carried out with a high rate of success at either a residential or outpatient facility. When deciding upon which type of treatment would be best suited for your needs, you should take into consideration the nature and severity of your addiction combined with the environmental factors you face. Additionally, the introduction of new medications like Suboxone and others are designed to gradually taper you off of an opiate substance. Use of this type of medication is highly controversial, and this type of treatment should always be carried out under the supervision of medical professionals.

Resources for Opium Rehabilitation

If you have additional questions surrounding opiate addiction, we can help. The call is toll-free, and we are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions and walk you through the recovery process. Recovery begins with initiative, and can begin right now. Please call us today.