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What If Opium Rehab Isn’t For Me?

What If Opium Rehab Isn’t For Me?You may see the damage that your addiction is doing to your life and those around you. You may know that opium addiction is a serious condition with possibly life-threatening consequences. You may also know you need to stop using, but you may have reservations about entering treatment.

The fact is that drug addiction is considered a disease by the medical community. A serious drug addiction, especially when it involves an extremely powerful and highly addictive drug like opium, requires professional treatment. Whatever your fears or reservations are about entering treatment, they don’t compare to the possibly disastrous consequences of continuing to use opium.

Common Fears about Opium Rehab

You may worry that rehab won’t be effective for you or that you will be unable to get clean or remain sober. Keep in mind that a good rehab program is run by professionals with training and experience treating addiction. Quite simply, they have seen it all before and know the best ways to deal with your condition. You are far more likely to recover with the help of professionals than on your own. Most programs offer support for long-term maintenance of sobriety and, should you relapse during your recovery, your treatment program is a resource you can return to in order to help you get back on track.

You might worry that you won’t fit in with the other patients. Try to remember that everyone else in the program is going through a similar experience and wants, like you do, to recover from addiction. In fact, the mutual support offered by fellow patients is one of the assets of rehab.

You might think that you will simply hate rehab. It is true that the recovery process will require you to take a good, hard look at yourself and to make changes. This is bound to be uncomfortable at the very least, and possibly downright painful. But, remember that you will be in the care of professionals who are committed to recovery and will work full time with you. Additionally, treatment facilities are designed to be as comfortable as possible. There is also the safety factor to consider: withdrawal symptoms from opium can be quite severe, and a medically supervised detox process will certainly be safer and more comfortable, with a much higher chance of success, than trying detox on your own. If you think you’ll hate rehab, imagine how much you will hate coming off opium alone at home.

The benefits of professional treatment include medically supervised detox to ensure your safety during this potentially dangerous process; individual and group therapy designed to recognize and address the root causes of addiction as well as behavioral issues; and long-term, follow-up counseling to support the maintenance of sobriety.

Opium Rehab Help

If you want to break the grip of opium addiction, professional treatment offers your best chance of success. Our staff of trained professionals can answer any questions you have and help find the best treatment options available. Our helpline is toll free and we are available 24 hours a day. Call us.