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What If I Hate Being Sober after Opium Rehab?

What If I Hate Being Sober after Opium Rehab?If you have completed drug rehab for your opium addiction you have done your fair share of work. You deserve to have some fun. Yet, most of your pre-rehab entertainment involved opium. So, what do you do to enjoy yourself after rehab? Can you still have fun or has drug rehab doomed you to a dry and boring life? If you are considering enrolling in drug rehab you might find yourself hesitating because opium has become involved in almost every aspect of your life. What if you hate your new life as a sober person? Is freedom from your addiction really worth such a drastic lifestyle change? The answer is yes.

How to Have Fun without Opium

When addicts picture life after rehab, they tend to think that they will no longer be able to have any fun. This simply isn’t true. Though you might not be able to entertain yourself in the same ways that you did while you were using, you can still find amusing and enjoyable ways to fill your time. You can have a fulfilled life, things will simply be different. Many addicts who are fresh out of rehab experience a depression. This is natural as oftentimes former drug addicts can no longer associate with old friends who are still using. Depression is also a natural consequence of the body adjusting to the lack of drugs in its system. If you experience this low, don’t fool yourself into thinking that this depression is how you are going to feel for the rest of your life. It is merely a stage that you have to overcome. Talk to a drug addiction specialist or a counselor about the feelings that you are experiencing.

Believe it or not, there are plenty of fun things to do that don’t involve drugs and this is your chance to discover them. Think of it this way: most people often wish that they had the chance or opportunity to change their habits, discover new things, or to find more creative ways to entertain themselves. You have a golden opportunity to do just that. You have an open invitation to remake yourself and to decide what you enjoy and value.

How to Prevent Opium Relapse

If at any point in you recovery you begin to feel like you hate being sober or that you are in danger of having a relapse, contact an addiction specialist, or counselor immediately. They can help guide you through these feelings in more constructive ways than simply giving up on your recovery and relapsing.

Opium Addiction Rehabilitation Help

If you find yourself in danger of relapse or simply unsure of what to do now that you are drug free, call our toll-free helpline. We are available 24 hours a day to help you through this natural part of your journey to recovery.