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Victims of Bullying and Opium Abuse

Victims of Bullying and Opium AbuseMost people experience mild bullying at some point during childhood or adolescence. Some see it as simply a part of growing up and learning to navigate social situations and face adversity. However, kids who are bullied often suffer physical injuries and mental health issues as a result, and they may suffer problems for years to come. Children who suffer bullying are more likely to have problems in adulthood, including trouble establishing a career and cultivating relationships.

One of the issues that can spring from bullying is drug abuse. Some victims of bullying choose to turn to heavy and addictive drugs like opium to numb the pain and to feel a sense of control over their lives or bodies. Many carry their insecurities and fears into adulthood and perpetuate their mental health issues with opium abuse.

How Can the Effects of Bullying Lead to Opium Abuse?

For both younger kids and adolescents, bullying frequently leads to depression. Cases in which the intimidation, manipulation, and demoralization go unchecked often put the bullying victim at risk for major depression, which then puts him or her at risk for opium abuse. Victims can experience physical, verbal, relational, or social abuse that leads to destructive and suicidal thoughts or a desire to escape from the pain through whatever means necessary.

Opium is a narcotic drug derived from the poppy plant. It is used to make heroin and prescription pain relievers, both of which can be abused to experience a euphoric high. Opium can create a temporary escape from the painful emotions of feeling stigmatized or inferior. It can help kids mask the pain of physical wounds they might receive in altercations. Others may use it to rebel and change their image or to attempt to gain control of something when it seems they have no power. For many adolescents who experience bullying, raiding a parent’s medicine cabinet and taking a few pills may seem like a solution to their problems.

Can Opium Abuse Worsen the Effects of Bullying?

The effects of bullying can be both physical and psychological. Opium addiction also effects people who struggle with the disease in various ways, perpetuating physical problems and mental health issues, such as depression, that lead people to begin abusing opium. Even though opium use may seem like an escape, it will ultimately cause users to have more difficulties in life, including broken relationships, a lack of financial stability, and medical issues.

Treatment for opium addiction resulting from bullying must do more than solve the physical problem. Patients and treatment professionals must delve into the issues and the unhealthy coping patterns that lead to the disease of opium addiction. Many people overcome a past of bullying and substance abuse and go on to live healthy lives in recovery, finding the stability, confidence, and health they deserve.

Help for Opium Addiction

If you or a loved one is addicted to opium, call our toll-free helpline to speak with an admissions coordinator about your treatment options. We are available 24 hours a day to help you find the addiction treatment plan that will help you address the underlying issues that led to harmful opium abuse. Don’t wait. Please call today.