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Unexpected Side Effects of Opium Use

Unexpected Side Effects of Opium Use

Malnutrition is a side effects of opium use

Opium always has been a dangerously addictive drug. This narcotic is created through distilling the liquid of the poppy plant, and it can cause significant side effects that can be temporary, permanent and/or deadly. When abused, opium produces euphoric effects, such as a sense of calmness and relief from pain. However, opium can also produce more dangerous effects.

Unexpected Side Effects of Opium Abuse

Using opium can produce some dangerous effects, such as organ damage to the brain, lungs and liver, weight loss and respiratory complications. These are some of the more common side effects of this drug. However, opium abuse can also cause more unexpected side effects, including the following problems:

  • Severe constipation – While it may not seem like a major problem, constipation can be incredibly harmful to the body. Consistent opium abuse often leads to severe constipation, which in turn can lead to intestinal blockage, infection and extreme discomfort. Because of this discomfort, many people abuse more opium in an attempt to find relief.
  • Malnutrition – Using opium can lead to malnutrition, specifically because users can quickly lose their appetite while under the influence. Therefore, a regular opium user might abstain from eating for long periods of time, leading to malnutrition and weight issues. This can cause terrible problems in the digestive tract and to a user’s overall health.
  • Impotence – Unlike other drugs that make sexual intercourse more desirable, opium does the opposite: continued opium abuse can block hormones that increase sexual desire. Furthermore, it can also the hormones men need to perform sexually, thereby rendering them impotent.

In addition to constipation, malnutrition and impotence, other unexpected side effects of opium use can include changes in menstruation in women, collapsed veins when someone injects the drug and frequent infections due to harmful use patterns. If you abuse this dangerous drug, then seek professional help to get and stay clean.

Treatment for Opium Abuse

While many unexpected side effects of opium use include physical symptoms, it is also possible for opium users to suffer from psychological side effects, such as depression and anxiety. Therefore, when you or a loved one is looking for opium addiction treatment, then find a treatment program where users get not only medical attention for their physical side effects, but also psychological care that addresses emotional issues related to drug use. With the right help, people can overcome opium abuse.

Find Treatment for Opium Abuse

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