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Things You Might Not Know about Opium

Things You Might Not Know about OpiumWhile many people know all about the destructive power of opium-derived heroin, many are tragically misinformed about the narcotic opium.

Opium Is Not Safer Than Other Opiates

Some users incorrectly believe that opium is a sort of “organic” drug. They think it must be a more natural or healthy intoxicant. This could not be further from the truth. Opium is simply a cruder version of modern opiates not a safer one.

Opium Is Physically Addictive

Some rumors persist that opium is somehow less addictive than other drugs and that if smoked in moderation is not physically addictive. However, opium is definitely physically addictive. Like all opiates it binds to chemical receptors in the brain, replacing naturally occurring “feel-good” chemicals and suppressing their production. As tolerance to the drug builds, users smoke greater amounts and will experience debilitating withdrawal symptoms if they try to quit using.

Opium Is Psychologically Addictive

Some people discount the seriousness of psychological addiction. They assume recovery is just a matter of willpower. Unfortunately, opium addiction is a psychological disease that most will simply be unable to break without serious help. Neural pathways are changed by opium, and behaviors are re-formed. Many opium users will be more concerned with taking opium than they will be about eating or drinking. Recovery from this kind of addiction takes considerable time, careful attention to the unique details of the individual addiction and a commitment to long-term recovery.

Opium Can Be a Gateway Drug to Heroin and Other Opiates

Once a person is caught in the cycle of opiate addiction, he or she will often trade up to harder opiate drugs in order to feel the original euphoric high of the first experience. As tolerance builds, a larger and larger dose is needed to approximate that original high. Most will never find it, but many will overdose trying.

Recovery from Opium Addiction Is Possible

Some people, especially those who have tried to quit opium on their own, believe that recovery is impossible. That is simply not true, as there is always hope for recovery. Our toll-free helpline is staffed by addiction experts who can help you take your first steps to freedom from opium. We are here 24 hours a day, so we are ready when you are. Don’t waste another moment serving your opium addiction. Call today, and let us help you find your drug-free future.