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Suburban Opium Use

Suburban Opium UseFor many years, you would have been forgiven for thinking that drugs like heroin were not typically found in the suburbs. The suburbs were long thought to be a refuge from hard drug abuse. The reality can be brutal, however; especially for those who suddenly find that an opium addiction has developed in their normal, suburban family.

How Opium Addiction Finds Its Way into the Suburbs

While drugs and opioid addiction in general have never been stopped by city limits, they have long been considered an inner city problem. The increased availability of heroin and the drive that drug dealers have to expand their territory have meant that opium abuse is happening in neighborhoods around the country.

Heroin can now actually be significantly cheaper and easier to get ahold of than prescription drugs. What this means is that there is now a new generation that regularly engages in opium abuse.

The addiction may not necessarily start with heroin. It may start with marijuana, or with prescription pain pills. Marijuana is certainly a cost-effective drug for those seeking a high, but it may ultimately prove to be not enough of a high for a drug addict seeking greater heights. This can lead to the drug user engaging in a slippery slope of harder drugs, eventually finding his way to heroin, which is highly addictive. Opium dependence can become a concern within a relatively short amount of time, which is why it’s development is often so astonishing to loved ones.

Ignorance and Shame – Leading to Continued Opiate Addiction Issues

Let’s face it. The majority of us living in the suburbs do have a fair amount of ignorance when it comes to heroin and drugs that fall into this category. After all, opium abuse is not something that happens in our small towns, in our quiet neighborhoods, and in our top-notch school districts. It is essential to educate yourself about the realities of opium abuse; particularly if you are now finding yourself faced with a loved one who is being smothered by an opium addiction.

Shame is often one of the reasons that families do not reach out for help treating their loved one’s opioid addiction. This can be a devastating and potentially deadly mistake. Knowing that your loved one is addicted to heroin is shocking, upsetting, and—yes—it does carry with it a fair bit of shame as you start to worry about what others in your community may think of your family. But allowing shock and shame to keep you from helping your loved one with an opioid addiction will simply prolong the agony and ensure that the opium abuse creates deeper and longer lasting damage.

Keep in mind that if your family is struggling with addiction to heroin, it is entirely possible that others in your community are also faced with this terrible issue. Your willingness to travel to rehab to get your loved one treatment for their opium dependence could inspire other families to get treatment.

Find Treatment for Opium Addiction

Whether you are looking for family addiction counseling or are in need of an opium dependence recovery facility, there is no time like right now to get your loved one life-saving treatment. Call today to learn how you can make opium abuse a thing of the past for your family.