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Six Excuses People Make When they’re Addicted to Opium

Six Excuses People Make When they’re Addicted to Opium

Addicts often make excuses to hide the depth of their addiction

Excuses are commonly employed by individuals that feel ashamed, embarrassed or lack responsibility for the issue at hand. Although the excuses may cause temporary relief from these emotions, they continuously affect the addict’s life and those around them.

Six Common Excuses People Make for their Addiction

Excuses are often a front for an underlying issue, such as addiction. While excuses may temporarily seem legitimate to both the addict and loved ones, there comes a time when excuses can no longer be tolerated. Included in the following are some examples of common excuses people make for their addictions:

  • I’m not hurting anyone else.
  • If you had my problems, then you would use too.
  • I’m not really addicted, I can stop anytime I want.
  • I have to keep using in order to be successful at work.
  • I’m not using as much as they are. — Now, they have a serious problem.
  • I have too many issues; I have to self-medicate.

When an individual becomes addicted to a drug, his life starts to self-destruct in slow motion. While the addict may be immediately affected by his addiction, his addiction may take time to impact relationships and other areas of his life. Ultimately, this impact can cause dire consequences along with devastating effects. Some individuals might be better at dealing with these issues than others. However, addiction can further complicate these issues. If an addict continues to use and abuse drugs, despite what he has endured because of his addiction, he is in denial and may have a difficult time stopping without support and professional treatment.

Why This Shouldn’t Stop One from Seeking Treatment

Although an excuse may put a band aid on the current issue, there is no fix for addiction other than sobriety. Included in the following are some examples of why excuses shouldn’t hold one back from seeking treatment:

  • Health
  • Family
  • Personal satisfaction

An addict’s health is one of the main concerns addressed when an addict enters a treatment facility. Depending on many factors, such as length of addiction, amounts used and drugs used, an addict’s health can be in jeopardy. Although not all side effects can be reversed, many can be improved in treatment and additional issues can be prevented. Family structure takes a huge hit when a loved one within it struggles with addiction. Family members can become divided and exhibit emotions of hate and embarrassment or even be addicted themselves. Addiction can dwindle addicts’ sense of pride due to the embarrassing actions they performed while under the influence and their respective legal consequences.

Opium Addiction Treatment

If you or a loved one is struggling with an addiction to opium and is continuously making excuses for bad behavior, please call our toll-free helpline today. We can help by going over treatment options and payment programs to help get you or your loved one into treatment as soon as possible. Today is the day the excuses stop, so call us today!