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Rediscovering Life without Opium

Rediscovering life without opiumOpium has been causing serious addictions for hundreds of years. When opium has taken over your life, you may wonder if you can ever achieve happiness or sobriety again. Fortunately many people have been able to recover from opium addiction. With the right support and treatment you can rediscover your life without opium.

Opium Rehabilitation and Treatment

Opium use can cause a great deal of stress and strain in your life. When opium addiction is at its worst, it may make you feel apprehensive about treatment. It is normal to feel anxious about a big life change, but learning to live without opium will save your life. Opium rehab can give your life back to you. You can expect the following from a quality opium treatment program:

  • Detox services: Medically supervised detox services can help you overcome addiction comfortably and more quickly than you would at home. Withdrawal symptoms are managed by medical professionals to help you feel calmer and safer during the process.
  • Inpatient treatment: Overnight opium rehab will provide you with support, counseling and treatment. With integrated treatment, you will receive help for both opium addiction and other mental health concerns such as PTSD, anxiety, depression or bipolar disorder. During this time you will receive supportive counseling and group therapy and engage in fun activities designed to prepare you for a rewarding life without opium.
  • Outpatient treatment and counseling: After inpatient opium addiction treatment, you should receive ongoing support that allows you to return home in the evenings. Outpatient treatment will help keep you in touch with your original counselors and support team while helping you adjust to life without opium.

Imagine Life without Opium

Breaking free from opium addiction leaves you free to do so much more in life. Think of goals you would like to reach when sober. They may include such activities as the following:

  • Traveling to new places
  • Enjoying simple pleasures with your family, loved ones or friends such as a summertime cook-out or a conversation over hot cocoa
  • Working out, hiking, boating, dancing or participating in any other physical activity that helps you meet people and feel healthy
  • Trying out new hobbies
  • Advancing in your career or continuing your education
  • Helping others overcome addiction and sharing your story of survival
  • Enjoying a day without cravings
  • Saving money that you would have spent on opium

Opium Addiction Help Now

Are you ready to let go of opium for good, or would you like to know more about opium addiction treatment for yourself or a loved one? When you call our toll-free helpline, you will speak to a live person who understands what you are going through and can answer questions in a no-pressure environment. Find out more about your options, and even find out if your insurance will cover your treatment program of choice. We are here 24 hours a day, so let us help you find life without opium now.