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Playing Sports and Opium Abuse

Playing Sports and Opium Abuse

Basketball and opium abuse

When you think of athletes and drug abuse, you may immediately think of steroid abuse, a current issue in the world of sports. However, other substances cause just as much disarray amongst athletes, including opium. Seek help to quit using this powerful drug.

Why Athletes may Abuse Opium

Opium is a natural substance that is popular for abuse, because it can produce extreme euphoria, which numbs physical and emotional pain. This substance is so potent that it can take only a few times of use for an individual to become addicted to it. However, athletes may abuse this substance for a number of different reasons, including the following examples:

  • Pain reliever – Athletes are no strangers to physical injury or pain. From football players to synchronized swimmers, athletes can relate to injuries that sometimes require anesthetics. In hopes of getting better faster, athletes who are injured may abuse opium or an opiate to work through their pain quicker. This can lead to addiction, as all opiates and opium as well are addictive.
  • Pressure to win – Sports figures and athletes are some of the most notoriously competitive people, so they may be willing to do whatever it takes to win. So, when the wins are not coming, an athlete’s ego can be so damaged that she abuses opium to drown out both the let down of loss as well as the pressure to perform.

Opium is one of the worst drugs an athlete can abuse. Even though it produces feelings of euphoria, it slows down the central nervous system as well as the entire body, making training and performing incredibly difficult. In addition, it is so addictive and so quickly that athletes can rapidly lose their places on the world stage.

Preventing Substance Abuse

It is important that athletes work to develop new ways to prevent substance abuse, especially since their profession is likely to encourage it at one point or another. Therefore, it can be critical to prevent substance abuse prior to it developing. This can be done by practicing healthy habits (including healthy eating, proper amounts of exercise and abstaining from drug abuse) that could boost an athlete’s performance. Taking this action can greatly improve the chances of an athlete being successful without having to struggle with the negative side effects of opium or any other substance.

Find Treatment for Opium Abuse

Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline right now. Do not continue to abuse opium for any reason. Call us today so we can get you the help that you need to get and stay sober.