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People Who Can Help You Recover from Opium Addiction

People who can help you recover from opium addictionaddiction recovery requires the help of caring individuals, all of whom have their own role to play in your recovery. The following are just some of the many hardworking and compassionate people that will be your support system through opium addiction recovery:

  • Call center agents. The first people you will speak with when finding treatment for opium addiction will be call center agents. Their job is to answer any and all of the questions you may have about drug addiction and treatment options, and they will help you find the recovery resources you need.
  • Counselors and therapists. These individuals will help you uncover the roots of your opium addiction. Opium addiction is more than just a surface or physical issue. Emotional or mental health issues may contribute to addiction. Counselors and therapists can also help recovering opium users develop a better lifestyle with healthier habits.
  • Doctors. When going through rehab, your body will undergo changes as withdrawal symptoms occur. Having trained medical professionals supervising detox and withdrawal will ensure your safety and lessen the severity of your symptoms. Doctors can also continue to monitor physical health throughout the recovery process.
  • Family and friends. No one knows you like your loved ones, and no one will support your recovery as strongly as your loved ones. Many rehab facilities offer ways to involve your family and friends. If you choose to bring your loved ones into your recovery, ask about family sessions or having friends attend group sessions. This joint participation can help begin to heal the relationship damage that can be done to even the strongest bonds because of addiction.
  • Religious leaders. While inpatient programs are necessary to treat opium addiction, talking to a priest, rabbi, preacher or other religious leader may help you through recovery. Addiction is not just physical. Many rehab facilities recognize the importance of a spiritual recovery through optional faith based programs.
  • Support groups. In a rehab facility, there are many patients going through the same struggles. Joining a support group and talking to your peers can be a great way to learn more about what to expect. These people can provide a level of empathy and knowledge unmatched by others and can provide advice throughout opium addiction recovery. After treatment, temptations to relapse can be easier to deal with if you have supportive peer to call for encouragement.

We Can Help You Recover from Opium Addiction

You can begin your recovery right now by calling our toll-free helpline. We can help you recover from opium addiction 24 hours a day. Call and learn more about getting the help you need for a drug-free life.