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Opium Use in Rural Areas

Opium Use in Rural AreasDespite government efforts to decrease the country’s rates of opium abuse, addiction rates keep increasing, particularly in rural areas. Opioid addiction is quite prevalent in rural areas, and the largest increase in opium abuse tends to be with prescription and synthetic opioids.

Rural Addiction Treatment

Rural communities usually have limited resources to conquer addiction, so they typically cannot deal with the resulting consequences of opium abuse. This means that those who are arrested for drug use are less likely to receive adequate legal help and to receive sufficient treatment. On the other hand, suburban areas typically enforce legal action upon drug users, and they constantly fight back against drug use. They also have plenty of resources that allow for drug education.

Other contributing factors to opiate addiction include isolation. While boredom does not excuse opium abuse, bored teenagers and young adults are more prone to drug and alcohol abuse. Suburbs and cities offer a large number of activities and events to attend, which minimize this risk factor for addiction.

People in rural areas also suffer from opium dependency due to lower incomes and being unemployed or underemployed. While it may seem counterintuitive to abuse drugs when someone lacks available funds, needing money can actually increase drug sales, which also increases community addictions. Heroin and other opiates are so widely available and affordable that their costs are significantly lower today than they would have been even a decade ago.

Opium Addiction Recovery

One of the concerns facing opium addiction is that an addict’s home life may discourage sobriety. People can resolve this with addiction education in their communities and by minimizing as many risk factors as possible from the home. For families who suffer from addiction, an unstable home will challenge recovery, especially because an opium addiction is so strong that being near temptation can lead to relapse. Few rural areas offer addiction recovery resources, but this can favor addicts who need help. Addicts in small towns may feel shame or ridicule for finding treatment, so addicts who travel to rehab can get anonymous treatment within a safe rehab facility.

Help for Opium Addicts in Rural Areas

Call our toll-free, 24 hour addiction helpline to find out more about how to get connected with the best treatment programs available. Our counselors are both knowledgeable and compassionate, and they can help you determine which rehab facility will best fit your unique needs. They can help ensure that you get the best help possible, so reach out for help right now to begin your recovery.