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Opium Detox Time

Opium detox timeThe first step in beating your addiction to opium and opium-derived drugs (opiates) will be finding the resolve to quit. Finding this resolve and initiative to live a life free of opium addiction is often the most difficult part of treatment. If you’ve tried to get clean in the past, you know how difficult it can be and have likely experienced a relapse. It is important to know that even though you may feel alone, you are not. Recovery is possible, and resolving to get better is the first step.

Opium Detoxification

The time it takes to complete opium detox will depend greatly on the nature and severity of the addiction as well as the type of treatment that is administered. Opium detox can usually be carried out in seven to ten days, but this is only a general time frame and may not match up with personal needs.

It can be very dangerous to stop taking an opiate outright. Trying to get clean in this way can sometimes make an opium addiction more powerful, as more of the drug is taken to combat withdrawal symptoms. Treatment centers for residential and outpatient detox will provide you with the best chance of a successful and meaningful recovery. The supervision of medical professionals is crucial during detox and will greatly improve treatment results.

Opium Addiction Therapy

The idea of opium therapy may be scary, but working with a therapist or another trusted qualified medical professional after detox can help you learn more about the nature of your addiction and understand some of the reasons for its occurrence. As part of the recovery process, it may be necessary to eliminate behaviors or habits that facilitated your addiction. A therapist or trusted doctor can not only help you make some of these decisions but can hold you accountable to them.

Need Help Finding Treatment Options for Opium?

If you or someone you love has become addicted to opium, we can help you find the detox and recovery solutions you need. We are available 24 hours a day, as we understand life is too short to waste on addiction. Call our toll-free number now and get the help you need.