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Opium and Pregnancy

Opium and Pregnancy

Addiction while pregnant is dangerous both for the mother and the baby

Pregnancy is one of the most important points in a woman’s life , because she needs to take special care of herself and her unborn child. To guarantee the healthy growth of her baby, a pregnant woman might change her diet, exercise regimen, medications and even the way she handles stress. It is well known that pregnant women should avoid alcohol and tobacco, as well as certain medications that are contraindicated with fetal development. But there are more dangerous drugs to consider, like opium addiction, during pregnancy.

Dangers of Opium Addiction During Pregnancy

Some substances are safe to use during pregnancy, such as prenatal vitamins, but others are expressly contraindicated, which is usually stated on their labels. However, most medications (generally over-the-counter medications) need to be approved by a doctor before a pregnant woman uses them.

Since clinical studies are scarce on pregnant women, doctors must weigh the benefits and risks of using each particular drug. For instance, perhaps a medication for fever is necessary to ensure the safety of the baby, even though there may be some risks from taking it. However, such is not the case concerning illegal drugs: opium and pregnancy can mix in dangerous ways, even when used under the supervision of a doctor. Think of the following risks that could derive from abuse opium while a women is pregnant:

  • Babies born with physical dependencies
  • Premature birth
  • Congenital abnormalities
  • Miscarriages
  • Withdrawal symptoms for the baby

Withdrawal symptoms are serious conditions that can affect both a pregnant mother and her baby. A woman who is pregnant and addicted to opium should immediately stop abusing drugs, but, since withdrawal symptoms could trigger serious consequences, close medical supervision is needed to ensure that the baby is fine. In the case of opiate abuse, withdrawal symptoms can be expected from the baby after being born, even if a mother took the drugs under medical direction.

What Should a Pregnant Opium Addict Do?

As mentioned, a doctor’s evaluation is essential to stop a pregnant woman’s drug addiction, because it minimizes the risks for the mother and the baby. In no case should a woman continue abusing illegal drugs recreationally. A pregnant opium addict needs specialized rehab to make sure that medical attention is close while staying in a drug-free environment. This act should not be taken lightly, for the life of both the child and the mother is as stake when addiction endures.

Treatment for Pregnant Opium Addicts

To guarantee the health of herself and her baby, acting fast is vital for an opium addict who finds out that she is pregnant. This act involves stopping opiate use as safely and as responsibly as possible. Our staff would be glad to help you recover by finding treatment at no cost. Our toll-free helpline is available 24 hours a day, and our admissions coordinators will help you find everything you need, from medically supervised detox to a national network of rehab facilities. Call today if you or someone you know is in need of addiction help.