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Opium Addiction Treatment

Opium addiction treatmentIf you are suffering from opium addiction, there is hope. No matter how long you have been addicted or how far your addiction has progressed, it is never too late to try treatment. The following steps are a tentative guideline to recovery from opium or opiate addiction. Opium addiction treatment is best done under the supervision of trusted medical professionals.

Opium Detox

The first step to curing an addiction is to remove the drug. This is called detox. For those who are severely addicted and highly dependent on a drug, detox can sound like a very scary thing. But detox doesn’t have to be terrible or traumatic. There are many ways to detoxify your body. The best way is to detox under the guidance of a doctor, in a treatment center, with trained staff who are experienced and educated about withdrawal and substance abuse problems.

It’s true—breaking an opium addiction can be physically difficult and may involve feelings of illness, chills, insomnia, hallucinations and digestive issues. Under the watch of a caring and professional treatment team, this process can be done more quickly, and side effects can be treated during the withdrawal process.

Opium Abuse Therapy

A good therapist is a wonderful thing to have. Opium addiction has many varied and complicated roots, and not everyone reacts to the drug or is addicted in quite the same way. Quality, one-on-one therapy will help heal the wounds of the past and help move you toward a brighter future.

Opium Addiction Treatment

Because opium and opiate drugs are often used to treat pain, it is very important to obtain effective pain-management treatment. Treatment for opium addiction should not ignore the original health problem that may have led to the addiction; proper treatment should help you find peace and wellness for your whole body and mind.

A good treatment center will help you explore the reasons why drug use was so appealing in the first place. It will also offer ways to heal you and your entire family with events such as family weekends or family counseling.

Group Therapy and 12-Step Meetings

Group therapy settings can help build a sense of community and help you feel less alone. Many people gain great comfort from sharing or simply listening quietly to the stories of others who have experienced similar life challenges. Many people benefit from 12-Step programs that guide members through structured steps toward wellness. 12-Step programs are not for everyone, and for that reason, many treatment centers offer the option of general purpose groups along with the 12-Step groups.

Recovery Support and Aftercare

Reputable treatment centers will offer alumni follow-up and alumni outreach. Once you leave treatment and return home, you should have a solid plan to take home with you. This will most likely include a local therapist that you can call on, local groups to attend if you wish, and sometimes assistance in finding recovery housing so that you can take more time to begin in a new location and not go back to the site of old habits. You should also have a contact number so that you can call on your treatment center if you are in crisis or would like to explore other options at a later date.

Opium Addiction Help

If you or a loved one is suffering from an opium addiction, please call our toll-free 24 hour helpline. Our trained counselors are available 24-hours a day and can help you learn more about addiction, assist with interventions, or help you get the assistance you need. Please don’t hesitate. Call today.