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Opium Abuse Help for College Students

Opium Abuse Help for College StudentsOpium is the parent of one of the biggest drug families in existence. All of the heroin, morphine and codeine used in the world began as opium. Opium caters to and is available for a widerange of people, and one rising demographic of opium abusers is college students.

3 Reasons Why Opium Abuse Begins in College

The transition from high school to college is one of the biggest social changes in a person’s life. Many students struggle to balance newfound independence with responsibility. In this environment students are much more susceptible to opium abuse due to the following reasons:

  • Experimentation. College is a time of learning both academically and personally. As students develop, they are typically more open to trying new things.
  • Peer pressure. If your roommate, new friend or ideal social group uses opium, you will be pressured into taking part. Peer pressure is dangerous, subtle and convincing, and it can be extremely difficult to resist.
  • Excitement. As parental curfews and rules fall away, a college student has the freedom to pursue new activities. Stories of opium highs and pleasurable feelings can attract new users who do not think about the long-term ramifications of use.

How to Avoid Opium Addiction in College

Episodes of binge drinking many college students participate in sharply taper off as these students enter the workforce. Studentstypically “sober up” before entering the working world. However opium use is not a habit that can be so easily discarded.Opiate drugs such as heroin and morphine can trap a person for life if recovery help is not found.

If you begin to feel depressed, lonely, angry or bored, it is important to react positively. Call a friend, roommate or sibling who can talk you through negative emotions or periods of stress. Schedule a visit with the school counselor or a personal counselor. Get involved in student activities and stay busy. There are many ways to avoid opium use and addiction, as it is never a solution to any problem. Acting positively will build a shield against the dangers of opium addiction.

Find Opium Abuse Help for College Students

What may seem like a fun experience during your college years can turn into a long-term addiction. If you or someone you care aboutis struggling with opium abuse or addiction, please call our free and confidential recovery helpline today. A trained recovery specialist is waiting to talk with you and provide you with treatment options that can change your life. Life is too short to be wasted on opium. Give us a call today.