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Nature vs. Nurture: What Makes an Opium Addict?

Nature vs. Nurture: What Makes an Opium Addict?Nature vs. nurture in reference to addiction is a debate about the causes of addiction. Nature refers to one’s genetic factors that influence addiction, and nurture refers to environmental factors. After studying the effects of addiction in identical twins scientists have found that both factors cause addiction. For instance, some people have a predisposed genetic structure that makes them highly susceptible to struggling with environmental influences.

A single gene can increase the risk for certain diseases, behaviors and conditions, and any one of these issues can increase the likelihood of addiction. For example, genetic structure can encourage people to seek out reckless or risky behavior to enhance their mood; this is often seen in people with disorders like depression, bipolar disorder, social phobias and etc. As these individuals are more susceptible to risky behavior, drug use becomes more possible. However, people with a high genetic risk for drug abuse may have a low environmental risk and struggle with drugs.

In conclusion, both genetic and environmental factors play an equal role in creating opium addiction. Environmental influences can alter one’s genetic function and genes can influence how an individual reacts to environmental stimuli. This being said, both internal and external factors have a joint responsibility when it comes to developing opium addiction.

Common Factors of Opium Addiction

High-risk environmental factors of opium addiction include the following:

  • Physical injury or chronic pain.
  • Family history of drug addiction and abuse
  • Military or combat exposure
  • Influence from peers and family
  • High levels of stress
  • Psychological trauma or strong emotional pain
  • Developing a mental health illness

If you deal with any of these factors, you may be more prone to opium addiction

Opium Addiction Help

If you are addicted to opium and are ready to get clean, do not have to feel alone or frightened about recovery. While it is a long and trying process, you can improve your life and repair the damage from your addiction, and you have people ready to help you throughout the process. Our addiction counselors can speak with you and your family about quality addiction treatment that is right for your individual needs. Counselors can assist you with every question, concern and need you have when it comes to finding the right treatment services for you. Whether you have questions or are looking for information, please call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline now. A counselor is ready to talk and get you the help you need today.