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My Opium Addiction Affects Only Me, Not Anyone Else

My Opium Addiction Affects Only Me, Not Anyone ElseDrug addicts typically persuade themselves that their addictions do not affect anyone else. They may recognize the harmful effects on themselves, but they think they have every right to hurt themselves as long as they don’t hurt others. But, the fact is that one person’s drug addiction affects everyone around him, from friends and family, to co-workers and even complete strangers.

Effects of Opium Addiction on Family

Drug addiction takes a huge toll on families. Drug addicts typically focus all their time, money and energy in satisfying their addictions, excluding all others. They withdraw and become isolated, both physically and emotionally. They miss out on quality time with their families. They often fail to meet their responsibilities and sometimes even neglect or abuse their children. They may lose their jobs or be unable to hold down a job at all, causing serious financial hardship to the family. They put an enormous amount of emotional and psychological strain on the people who care about them.
Effects of Opium Addiction on Career

Opium addiction is extremely detrimental to job performance and career success. Due to its highly addictive nature opium use becomes the focus of an addict’s life, and everything else is secondary. Job performance almost invariably suffers, often leading to job loss and financial hardship. Even if an addict manages to hold down a job, employers and co-workers can be affected as the business suffers from the addict’s decreased productivity.

Businesses find it financial repercussions less serious than the potential for accidents caused by a worker who is impaired by opium. Opium is a very powerful drug that induces an impaired condition. In certain occupations, for instance those who operate heavy machinery or power tools, a worker on opium is a hazard to everyone in his vicinity and can cause an accident with disastrous results to an innocent person.

Effects of Opium Addiction on Community

Drug addiction is not just the addict’s problem, it is a community problem. The community at large pays a very high price for the effects of drug addiction. There is an increased need for police, courts, jails and social services, which are all paid for by taxes. More pressure is put on medical services due to addicts’ health problems as well as the indirect effects (such as traffic accidents) on others, resulting in higher health care costs and insurance premiums.
Finally and most significantly, drug addiction can result in the loss of innocent lives due to the impaired behavior of the addict. In particular, anyone driving a car while on opium is a menace to everyone around her.

Opium Addiction Help

Opium addiction is a disease that can be treated. If you are addicted to opium, professional addiction treatment offers you the best chance for a successful recovery. Our staff of trained professionals can answer any questions you have and help find the best treatment options available. Our helpline is toll free and we are available 24 hours a day. Call us.