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Is Opium Addiction a Disease?

Is Opium Addiction a Disease?Opium is an extract from the poppy plant. It contains morphine, which can be used to make heroin. It also contains other alkaloids like codeine. Opium is the source of many painkillers like hydrocodone and is considered highly addictive. It can cause dependence and even build a tolerance within the body. This drug cannot only cause physical addiction but has also proven to cause psychological dependence.

Is Opium Addiction a Disease?

Opium addiction starts out as a chemical dependency. Over time it changes a person’s mental and biochemical composition. Dependency becomes addiction, and users experience an uncontrollable urge and need for more opium. At this point opium use and addiction becomes a disease. Most drug abuse starts out by choice. There is some degree of “control” over the intake and use of opium. However, addiction can be genetic. It can be passed on from parents to children. They may not grow up with a craving for opium, but if they ever choose to take the drug, they are more likely to abuse it.

Opium has a psychological control over the brain. It affects the brain’s opiate receptors and over time the brain requires it to function properly. This urge for more becomes habitual and over the long-term it is close to impossible to stop without professional help. Opium will affect the chemical balances of the brain and could even affect the addict permanently.

Is There a Cure for Opium Addiction?

There is a way to manage opium addiction. With the right treatment, overcoming opium addiction can be simple. However without help it is almost impossible to beat. Treatment facilities will not only help you detox from opium, but also treat the psychological addiction and all underlying causes. The detox process is only the tip of the iceberg to breaking addiction. Done only by itself, detox will simply flush the drug out of your system but does not deal with the impulse and desire for more opium. Long-term recovery comes from psychological and mental healing. Treatment centers will often offer integrated treatment that will address both the physical and mental addiction at the same time.

Do You Want to End Opium Addiction?

If you or someone you know has an addiction to opium and need help to fight this uncontrollable addiction, call us today. Our trained counselors are standing by 24 hours a day at out toll-free helpline. All calls are free and confidential. We will even help you determine how much of rehab costs that your insurance provider will cover. We want to help you end this addiction. Call us today.