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Is Opium Addiction a Crime?

Is Opium Addiction a Crime?Addiction is a disease, not a crime, but the behaviors opium addiction prompts are often criminal and can result in serious legal problems. Being an opium addict will limit your ability to enjoy life, to accomplish things and to realize your goals, but the following behaviors can land you in prison for a long time:

  • Possession of opium
  • Purchasing opium
  • Distribution or transportation of opium
  • Using opium
  • Possession of other opiates, such as heroin

Opium use is illegal and is prosecuted aggressively.

Correcting Myths about Opium

Opium has been around for centuries. In some circles, its connection to ancient Asian cultures lends it a kind of credibility or appeal. Some advocates promote it as a safe alternative to more refined opiates, such as heroin or morphine. While it is true that the drug comes from the pods of poppy plants, that does not mean that the drug is safe. The fact is that opium is toxic, addictive and deadly. It has been trapping people for centuries, often leading them to harder narcotics such as heroin.

Symptoms of Opium Addiction

It is extremely rare for a person to use opium more than once without becoming addicted. The following symptoms all indicate the onset of addiction:

  • Feelings of restlessness or anxiety when you are not able to use the drug
  • Defensiveness, dishonesty or denial when approached about your opium use
  • Loss of interest in previously important activities and relationships
  • A growing tolerance to the drug, meaning you need more and more to feel the effects

If left untreated, opium addiction is as serious as heroin addiction. It can lead to brain damage, organ and tissue damage, seizures and overdose. It will also slowly strip your life of everything that makes life worth living. Eventually the only thing that will matter is getting high.

How to Get Off of Opium for Good

If you have been dabbling with opium or if you are already fully addicted, please call our toll-free helpline right away. Our counselors are standing by 24 hours a day and are ready to answer your questions and to connect you with the recovery resources you need. Not all opium recovery centers are the same. New and innovative programs are increasing the effectiveness of their treatment by developing customized plans for each individual patient. These often involve various combinations of counseling, education and skill development exercises that are designed to help you regain your independence, your peace-of-mind and your physical and mental health.

Don’t throw your future away on opium. Call today and let us help you get clean once and for all. You may be telling yourself that it’s no big deal, that you deserve another hit or that getting clean is hopeless. The truth is that you can beat this disease, and we can help. Don’t wait until you get busted. Get help today.