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How to Talk to Your Girlfriend about Opium Use

How to Talk to Your Girlfriend about Opium UseBeing in a relationship often means resolving disagreements. Finding solutions that can work for both of you requires honest and direct talk. As the relationship develops, the stakes of these talks can go from choosing a date movie to choosing to quit opium. If your girlfriend is using opium, talking to her about it may be a challenge. Professional interventionists and addiction counselors can prepare you for the conversation and the steps that lay after.

Know the Problems

Before you begin a conversation with your girlfriend about her opium use, take some time to clarify your own position on the issue. You may simply be repulsed by the idea of opium use. In order to make a compelling argument for change, however, you will need a ready understanding of the real problems that opium use presents and the reasons you do not want to tolerate it. These reasons may include:

  • Physical health risks
  • Mental health risks
  • Possible betrayals of trust caused by addiction
  • Legal complications
  • Social identification with the “drug scene”
  • Problems that addiction could cause for your children

When your girlfriend challenges your feelings about opium, familiarity with the details of your argument will help you remain calm and collected as you present your case.

Consider Professional Intervention

Acting on your own, it may not be possible for you to persuade your girlfriend to make any significant and lasting changes in her drug use; opium is a highly addictive drug. Physical and psychological dependence can develop very quickly and make it impossible for her to quit on her own. If you have reason to suspect that an addiction has taken hold, you should consider getting help from a professional interventionist.

Using their training and experience, professional interventionists coordinate and lead the efforts of the family, friends, and coworkers of addicts. Together, they work to convince their loved one to accept help for their addictions.

Know When to Quit

Even with the best intentions and help from a professional interventionist, you may not get the agreement you hoped for. In the end, your girlfriend’s choices about opium are her own.

Be prepared to remove yourself from the relationship. Tolerating her opium use and continuing the relationship as normal would be the worst option for both of you. Staying together exposes you to the torment of addiction. It enables her to keep using while you protect her from the consequences of opium use.

If you are working with an interventionist, some of the concrete steps he may recommend could include:

  • Refuse to see her when she is using drugs
  • Moving out (if you are living together)
  • Stop lending money

Even if you break up with her altogether, remaining available to help her get into a treatment program can eventually help her tremendously.

Help for You and Her

To learn more about opium addiction and what you can do to help your girlfriend, call our 24 hour helpline. The call is toll-free.