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How to Party without Opium

How to Party without OpiumOpium is a narcotic drug taken from the white liquid inside the poppy plant. It contains morphine and codeine. Use of opium has declined over the last century as it is now processed chemically to produce heroin, which is taken by intravenous injection. In that form, opium is twice as potent as morphine.

Today’s media, including movies, TV and music, perpetuates the false idea that parties can only be fun if alcohol and drugs are involved. They depict the party scene as large groups of people drinking alcohol and shooting drugs like opium. By contrast, the media shows sober parties as lifeless, boring events that no one but the resident nerds would ever attend.

The truth is that parties can be a lot of fun without the use of any substances. The great thing about drug-free parties is that the positive emotions you feel are natural and you don’t have to worry about dependency, withdrawal or addiction.

Options for Parties without Opium

Partying without opium is easy. The key to good parties is always the people involved, not the drugs or the alcohol involved. Elements to consider involving in an opium-free party include the following:

  • Great food and beverages: Lots of different kinds of food and non-alcoholic drinks always make for a great party. You can even find and offer faux cocktail recipes that can provide a club atmosphere without the negative results.
  • The right people: Recovering addicts will appreciate being invited to a party that is tailored to their needs. Those who have been in recovery for a long time and have learned to enjoy life drug-free can be the best partygoers.
  • Good music: If you can afford it, hire a DJ. Make sure that you specify that the songs should not be associated with drug culture or behavior. You might even want to offer karaoke as the evening’s entertainment.
  • Lots of things to do: Provide a variety of activities that people could enjoy. Have some games on hand in case you sense a lull in the excitement.
  • Dancing: With good music comes dancing. People love to dance. As an added benefit, the exercise releases natural endorphins that make people feel good.

If you’re not ready or able to host your own drug-free event, attend one hosted by others. You can talk to others in NA or another therapy group about upcoming events. They can point you in the right direction. You can also check online for upcoming sober events.

Getting Help for Opium Addiction

If you or someone you love is struggling with an opium addiction, we can help. Call our toll-free, 24 hour number today. You can speak to one of our addiction recovery specialists who will help you determine the best treatment options for your unique situation. There is no shame in admitting you need help. Call us to start on the road to freedom from your opium addiction.