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How to Heal from Opium Addiction

How to heal from opium addictionOpium is a drug that is derived from the white, milky liquid found inside the seedpods of the poppy plant. This liquid is dried and most commonly smoked. Originally introduced as a painkiller several hundred years ago, it was soon discovered that opium is a highly addictive substance. Those who abuse opium do so for the euphoric effects of the drug. Over time, tolerance to opium builds and requires the user to take increasingly larger amounts of opium to achieve the desired effects. This progression leads to physical dependency and addiction. Addiction to opium is fueled by the fear of withdrawal symptoms that can be experienced if a person goes for an extended amount of time without taking the drug. Healing from opium addiction includes overcoming physical dependency and treating the psychological and emotional issues associated with addiction.

Treating Opium Addiction from All Angles

The first step to overcoming any addiction is detox. This is a process that eliminates opium from the body and is necessary to overcome physical dependency. Once the physical aspects of addiction are addressed, the psychological and emotional side of addiction must be treated in order to sustain long term healing from opium addiction.

Addiction counseling is designed to help a recovering opium user examine any emotional strains or negative influences that may have led to opium use. It is common for opium addicts to begin using in order to deal with stress or to cover up the emotional pain associated with a traumatic event in the past. Knowing what triggered opium use in the beginning can allow for those stress factors or painful memories to be dealt with in constructive ways. Behavioral therapy is similar in that it is intended to help a recovering opium addict identify and understand negative behavioral patterns that may have contributed to addiction. Knowing what behaviors led to opium use can help users avoid such behaviors in the future.

Support Groups Help Heal Opium Addiction

Once a former opium user completes a treatment program, there are resources available to help maintain the healing process in the real world. Support groups are an excellent resource for individuals who are leaving intensive treatment. Support groups are comprised of recovering users from all walks of life. Recovering users can share their experiences and struggles and offer encouragement and advice to those who are new to the recovery process. A recovering opium addict can attend meetings whenever he or she feels compelled to abuse opium or other substances. Having a strong support system will help the individual avoid relapse and continue on the healing path to long-term sobriety.

Get Opium Addiction Help Today

If you are struggling with opium addiction, we are ready to help you heal. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call our toll-free helpline. We have representatives ready to assist you 24 hours a day, so there is no reason to wait. Healing is possible, but the first step rests in your hands. Pick up the phone and call us today.