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How to Approach an Opium Addict

How to approach an opium addictOpium addiction is an extremely difficult problem to cope with. If you haven’t suffered it, you can’t imagine the toll it can have on you physically and psychologically. If you have a loved one that is suffering from opium addiction, she is going through things that cannot be expressed verbally. She may do things that are not logical, and might give up things like relationships and jobs just to get more opium, and it can seem like she does it because she doesn’t care.

The truth is, addicts do care and they would never do these things if they were in a clear state of mind. Opium causes people to do things they would never consider doing under normal circumstances. If your loved one is suffering from opium addiction, the best thing you can do is reach out to him and offer encouragement while urging him to seek opium addiction treatment.

Dealing with Opium Addiction

Opium addiction is one of the most severe addictions there is. People suffering from opium addiction suffer from severe withdrawal symptoms that drive them to obtain more of the drug at all costs. Common withdrawal symptoms include sleeplessness, vomiting, anxiety, and tremors. These withdrawal symptoms can only be alleviated by consuming more of the drug or by quitting opium altogether. The more immediate fix is to take more of the drug, so this is considered the most efficient route to relief by opium users. It is this reason that most people continue abusing opium.

Helping Your Loved One through Opium Addiction

If your loved one is suffering from opium addiction, it is very important to encourage her to seek help. Many opium users will not seek addiction treatment without the encouragement from loved ones. It can seem very daunting for addicts to find treatment on their own, and the encouragement from family members and close friends can help them do that.

One effective way to confront users about opium addiction is an intervention. In an intervention, the user’s family and friends will gather in one place and confront the user at a time when the user doesn’t expect it. The user will feel vulnerable because he didn’t expect the sudden outpour of support. Sometimes the user may react negatively, but as long as the family has a positive message there is no harm in this. The important thing is to let the user know that there is a problem and that the family will no longer support an opium addiction.

Opium Addiction Treatment Options

There are many options out there for treating an opium addiction, whether you or a loved one is suffering. Our toll-free helpline is a great way to find answers to any questions you might have, and we are open 24 hours a day. Call us today, and we’ll help you find a treatment center near you or talk to you about the most effective ways to confront a person suffering from opium addiction.