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How Quickly Can I Get into Treatment for Opium Addiction?

How Quickly Can I Get into Treatment for Opium Addiction?Choosing a rehabilitation facility for opium addiction treatment can be a daunting task. Some people feel overwhelmed with different options while others may feel as though their options are limited by finances or location. It can be difficult for an addict or his loved ones to make decisions about a treatment program that could affect his future. Some addicts fear that in the time it takes to research and make those decisions, he will lose his motivation for overcoming opium addiction.

Thankfully, the professionals involved in admissions into drug treatment programs, as well as the medical and mental health professionals who will guide the recovery addict through his journey, are there to help the addict and make the path to recovery as straight as it can be. Even so, it never hurts for the addict and his loved ones to know what to expect of a treatment program so that they can find one that suits his physical, psychological, and financial needs.

What Factors Should I Consider When Looking for an Opium Addiction Treatment Program?

Considering your specific needs can help expedite the process of deciding on a treatment program. Here are some of the factors recovering addicts should consider when trying to decide what type of treatment program will best help them achieve long-lasting recovery:

  • Detox options – Opiate withdrawal symptoms are unpleasant and can last up to a week. In order to keep a patient comfortable during detox, medical staff can prescribe medications. However, some patients prefer not to use medications. There are also other options such as rapid detox, during which the addict is sedated while the opiate is flushed from his system.
  • Inpatient or outpatient – It is usually advantageous for the opiate addict to attend a treatment program at an inpatient facility, where he can fully focus on his recovery. However, there are extenuating circumstances for people who need opium addiction treatment but have inescapable familial or professional responsibilities.
  • Local or remote – Many recovering opium addicts benefit from going to a remote treatment facility, because it isolates them from their lifestyle of opium abuse and addiction. Others are discouraged from going to remote facilities and would prefer to be close to loved ones in a more accessible setting.

Here are a few obstacles that patients should be prepared to face, and their solutions:

  • Bed availability – Unfortunately, rehab facilities do not have an endless number of beds or inexhaustible resources. While it would be ideal for all addicts to immediately receive the treatment they are looking for, sometimes they must prepare to have second and third options in case there is a waiting list for their first choice of treatment centers.
  • Transportation – Some addicts refuse to consider remote locations because of the problem of transportation. Depending on the patient’s proximity to the treatment center, free transportation assistance may be offered. Addicts can hire professionals to organize a drug-free trip, or they can pay sober escorts to chaperone them to their destination.
  • Finances – Treatment is expensive, and not everyone can afford it. Fortunately, many treatment centers accept insurance, and many insurance packages cover partial or full treatment at selected rehab facilities.

Staff members at treatment centers will do everything they can to make sure these factors do not stand in the way of an addict receiving treatment.

Help for Addiction Treatment

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