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How Opium Use Can Affect Emotional Health

How Opium Use Can Affect Emotional HealthOpium, like most opiates, activates the pleasure center in the brain to create a sense of euphoria. This effect is appealing to some individuals, as it may seem to deaden the anxieties and harshness of everyday life. However opium does not make positive changes to your life, as it limits the brain’s ability to activate pleasure chemicals in a healthy, natural way. A regular user will find it impossible to feel pleasure in any state but one that is drug-induced.

Emotional and Physical Ties to Opium Use

Emotional and physical health are closely related. If your body feels unhealthy and unwell, so will your mind. It is hard to keep a positive attitude when you are struggling with conflicting emotions related to drug abuse and the unpredictable health effects it causes. You cannot live a healthy and happy life when you are constantly worried about getting or using the drug, managing its side effect and trying to hide its use.

Opium addiction causes stress for family members and loved ones. It is hard to be happy when you know that a person you care about is being hurt by this drug. Worrying about whether the addict will overdose or what the future will hold affects mental health. Addiction causes user to do things that they would otherwise never do like steal from and lie to loved ones. This impacts trust levels and changes the relationships between addicts and non-addicts.

Ending Opium Addiction

Find a physically and emotionally healthy life. Call our toll-free helpline to learn about ending opium addiction in yourself or a loved one. Call our toll-free helpline any time, we are here for you 24 hours a day.