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How National Recovery Month Can Help Break the Stigma

How National Recovery Month Can Help Break the Stigma

One way to celebrate National Recovery Month is to hear stories of how people overcame addiction

National Recovery Month is designed to raise awareness of addiction problems. Many misconceptions about addiction plague drug users, but during this month individuals and organizations educate the public about how addictions are treated and what addiction recovery looks like. One of the main purposes of Recovery Month is to break the stigmas surrounding addiction, because doing so can open doors to addiction treatment, which helps addicts achieve recovery.

How Stigmas of Drug Addiction Keep People from Rehab

Addicts may be reluctant to seek help due to the stigmas regarding their condition. They may think that, if they admit to struggling with substance abuse, that others will view them as irresponsible, unreliable and out of control. However, if more people understand addiction as a treatable disease rather than a character flaw, then more drug users may feel free to seek help. Recovery Month seeks to break down addiction stigmas by communicating the following messages:

  • Prevention methods are effective
  • Addicts can recover
  • Professional addiction treatment works
  • Many people enjoy long-term recovery

The aim of Recovery Month is to promote a positive perspective on addiction treatment. Promoting the benefits of prevention and recovery shifts the focus off the negative behaviors associated with addiction, which undermines the stigmas of addiction.

Recovery Month Celebrates the Accomplishments of Recovered Addicts

One of the main initiatives of Recovery Month is to share the success of recovering addicts. Stories of recovering addicts can inspire people who currently struggle with addiction. These stories provide perspective to people who do not fully understand addiction, and they help the public view addiction in a more optimistic way. Ideally, the public dissociate addiction from stories of people hitting rock bottom, instead knowing that recovery is always possible with professional help.

Addiction and Mental Health

Recovery Month also promotes the message that behavioral health is crucial to every person’s wellbeing, so there is no shame in seeking behavioral health services. Through its education efforts, Recovery Month explores the common link between mental health problems and addiction, because this link is crucial to recovery, even though it is often overlooked in treatment. Recovery Month sheds light on this troubling issue to encourage long-term recovery.

Find Quality Rehab for Your Unique Needs

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