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How Much Should I Tell My Kids About My Opium Addiction?

How Much Should I Tell My Kids About My Opium Addiction?Being addicted to opium is a difficult position to be in; addiction has likely taken a toll on many aspects of your life, and now you are facing the prospect of recovery and an uncertain future. If you have children the situation becomes even more complicated. It is natural to wonder just how much about your addiction and treatment you should share with them.

Is Opium Addiction a Disease?

There is still a stigma attached to opium addiction. It is easy to view opium addiction as a moral issue or a sign of weakness or failure. However, current medical and scientific thinking classifies drug addiction as a disease; brain-scan images of drug addicts support this assessment. It is important to remember that drug addiction is a disease and can happen to anyone. Keeping this fact in mind will help you see your recovery for what it is: a struggle to combat a disease. If you embrace this philosophy you will free yourself from thinking that you are a bad person because you are addicted to opium. You will see yourself for what you are, a patient recovering from a disease.

Once you have accepted this premise it should be much simpler to decide how much to tell your children. How much would you tell them if you were in recovery from a different disease, like cancer? The answer to that question would hinge on a variety of factors, but the bottom line is that you would not consider hiding the truth from your children because you felt ashamed. Just as you would not be ashamed of being treated for cancer, you should not be ashamed of being treated for opium addiction.

Addiction and treatment for addiction both involve entire families. The addiction likely took a toll on the children. If they are included in the recovery process they will learn much about the nature of addiction; this will help them understand the behavior they saw and can go a long way toward healing any damage that has been done. Education about drug addiction can also break cycles of destructive behavior and may help children avoid addiction later in their own lives.

Are My Kids Old Enough to Know about My Opium Addiction?

What you tell your kids regarding addiction and treatment should be handled on an age-appropriate basis. Additionally, every child is unique and processes information differently; it is up to you, the parent, to decide how much detail your child is prepared to handle. However, children in general are extremely observant and are aware of family dynamics; even young ones will know if mom or dad is in the hospital for some reason, and will naturally be curious and concerned. Include them in the process and let them know that this is a positive step being taken. Older children can be included in more detailed discussions.

Treatment for Opium Addiction

Our helpline is toll free, and we are available 24 hours a day. Call us now to learn more about your options for opium addiction recovery or for advice on talking about opium abuse or addiction with family members.