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How Has Opium Addiction Touched Your Life?

How Has Opium Addiction Touched Your Life?Opium is used for two purposes: for medical treatment or for recreational users. Opium is extracted from the poppy seed plant. Whether opium is eaten, smoked, or made into tea the effects are extremely strong. Smoking is the most common and most addictive way to use and abuse opium. Because of opium’s addictive properties, many addicts find it extremely difficult to stop. Their addiction to opium not only affects themselves but effects many people.

Who Feels the Impact of Opium Addiction?

Opium addicts may refuse to see their addiction as a negative impact on themselves or others around them. Because of this opium addiction can affect a huge amount of people. Included in the following are some people who are particularly impacted by opium addiction:

  • Friends
  • Families
  • Coworkers
  • Strangers in the local community

Affects from opium addiction can impact many non-using people. This can have a huge effect on both family and friends that are close to the addict, co-workers who have to pick up for the addict’s absence or lack of productivity, or strangers that cross the path of the addict in a car accident or come into contact with the addict while he is under the influence. Opium addiction affects many people, and until the addict can see the negative effects of their addiction, they will continue to use and abuse opium.

Increase in Drug-Related Crime

Addiction is dangerous, not only for the addict’s health but for what the addict is willing to do in order to use again. This can be extremely dangerous for many people for the following reasons:

  • Theft. Many addicts will steal from people including family and friends, in order to secure their next dose.
  • Selling. Some addicts may also sell drugs, impacting more lives, to maintain financial support of their habit.
  • Sexual favors. Addicts who cannot maintain steady money may find themselves in compromising situations such as prostituting themselves for money or drugs.
  • Death. Not only can drugs cause health problems that may lead to death for some addicts, but another drug addict or seller may kill to remove the competition.

Opium addiction can have a severe impact on communities. Theft, selling, sexual favors, and death can occur on any street corner and in any community. This can happen near schools, daycares, churches, and stores nationwide. The negative impact that opium addiction causes can cause money loss to communities making it harder to enforce laws and reduce these actions.

Opium Addiction Treatment

If you or a loved one is experiencing an addiction to opium, please call our toll-free number today. Our counselors are available 24 hours to help answer your questions about opium addiction and the treatment options available to you. Stop letting your addiction win, call us today.