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How Community Impacts Your Recovery Work

How Community Impacts Your Recovery Work

Community support and involvement in one’s recovery from addiction is highly important.

Addiction is an extremely complex disease characterized by uncontrollable drug cravings, compulsive drug seeking behaviors, and persistent use despite facing devastating consequences.  Although the path towards addiction typically begins with a voluntary act of taking a substance, such as Opium, over time an individual’s ability to choose not to do so becomes compromised, and seeking and using the drug becomes priority.  This behavior is largely a result from the substance’s effects on brain functioning.  Addiction is a disease in the brain which affects numerous brain circuits including those involved in the reward and motivation process, learning and memory, and one’s inhibitory control over behaviors.

Due to its complexity, addiction treatment is not an easy process.  There are numerous steps one must take to prepare for treatment, multiple changes one must make in their daily life, and find the strength to continue sobriety once treatment is completed.  Once treatment is completed and an individual enters the recovery phase, they may require additional support from numerous resources including their community.  Community involvement in recovery is important. Even in small communities, knowing how to help recovering addicts can be tremendously important to the addict and have lasting effects on the community as a whole. If a community ignores the warning signs of addiction or the cries of help from recovering addicts, they are leaving their community susceptible to addiction’s wrath.

How Does Your Community Affect Your Recovery?

Communities have a tremendous impact on how addiction spreads, what treatment options they provide addicts, and how they welcome recovering addicts back into the community. Although every community has, at the least, a small addiction issue, knowing how to prevent it from spreading, how to treat it, and how to reinforce sobriety can ultimately change both an addict’s life as well as help a recovering addict avoid relapse. Included in the following are a few examples of how a community, either large or small, has an effect on an addict’s recovery:

Additional Support

Smaller communities may not know how to help addicts, let alone how to help recovering addicts stay on course with their sobriety. What is often so overlooked in communities is that something as simple as supporting a recovering addict or encouraging him to make healthy choices can help an individual regain confidence that he has made the right decision for his mental and physical health. Recovery is a life-long process and having a community support their efforts gives recovering addicts the additional motivation to keep on track and lessens their risks for relapse. Showing support for any individual can include reaching out and letting him know your only a phone call away, starting workshops for the community to understand addiction and how to help their addicted loved ones, and incorporating new programs along with offering resources for anyone who is struggling with addiction.

Programs and Resources

Communities, both large and small, have begun to offer classes for addicts, recovering addicts, and those who have an addicted loved one. These classes help educate people on the warning signs of addiction and how to talk to their loved one about addiction. They can also help addicts and recovering addicts understand that they are not the only ones in the community struggling with this disease. Opium addiction is devastating to an individual’s health both physically and mentally and having the communities support through classes and additional programs makes individuals in recovery feel accepted.

Warm Welcome Home

Many treatment programs help recovering addicts by giving them a list of resources in the community they live in. By utilizing these resources, recovering addicts are able to slowly re-integrate into the community. Some communities may have a list of specific employers who are willing to employ recovering addicts, despite their criminal history and past, and help them regain confidence while rebuilding their skills to enter the workforce. Other resources may provide help with housing or even group homes where the recovering addict can reside while slowly rebuilding her life both personally and professionally.

Opium Addiction Treatment

If you or a loved one is having a difficult time staying sober due to lack of community support, please call our toll-free helpline today. Our highly trained and professional counselors are available 24 hours a day to answer your addiction questions and help you find the best treatment for your condition. Make the call for a better life today!