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How Can I Get My Boyfriend to Stop Using Opium?

How Can I Get My Boyfriend to Stop Using Opium?Addiction can cripple relationships that addicts have with their friends, family members and significant others. If you have watched your boyfriend become addicted to opium, then you may feel urgency in getting professional help. Dating an addict is debilitating, and can even jeopardize your sense of stability and normalcy, but seek opium addiction treatment to help not only your boyfriend, but also yourself.

How Opium Affects Users and Relationships

Watching your boyfriend transform into an addict may have led you to recognize how the drugs affect him. In fact, you may have witnessed the following changes in your loved one:

  • Your boyfriend may have experienced problems at work that even cost him his job
  • He may spend his money on drugs, which led to financial problems
  • He may have lost interest in activities or hobbies he once found pleasurable
  • He can become argumentative and even violent between fixes

Even though you witnessed these changes, you may have enabled his behavior. You may have done this if you made excuses for his behavior, or spent large amounts of money bailing him out of jail for drug use, possession or theft. You may even be the caretaker of your boyfriend, so you must change your behaviors just as he must change his.

How to Hold an Intervention for Your Boyfriend

To save your addicted boyfriend’s life and to restore your relationship, consider staging an intervention. This prospect may seem overwhelming, but it can have great results if you utilize professional help. For instance, with the aid of a professional interventionist, you can sit down with your boyfriend and discuss how his addiction has impacted you. The interventionist will allow this to happen, because her presence will ensure not only your safety, but also that your boyfriend hears you.

However, before you stage an intervention, know that you should not hope for the following ends:

  • Shaming your boyfriend
  • Hurting him
  • Releasing all of your frustration or anger
  • Ambushing or attacking him

An addiction intervention is an opportunity to show how drug use has damaged you, which may encourage him to desire rehab. If you educate and prepare yourself for an opium intervention, you may be able to help your boyfriend get clean and begin to work anew at this important relationship.

How to Help Boyfriends with Opium Addictions

Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline to discuss your concerns with one of our admissions coordinators. They can help you find the right type of addiction help for your loved one’s needs, and they can also connect you with professional interventionists who can plan for a successful intervention. Do not ignore the problems in your relationship, but seek help so you can address them and recover.