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Holding a Johnson Model Intervention for an Opium Addict

Holding a Johnson Model intervention for an opium addictThe Johnson model intervention is a great tool for many addicts and their loved ones, because it encourages addicts to seek help both honestly and directly. However, it is not the best fit for everyone, because it requires family support and is more confrontational than other intervention types. To learn if this method will help your loved one get clean from opium, seek professional help and begin selecting treatment today.

What Is the Johnson Model Intervention?

The Johnson model intervention is a great asset for many families and their loved ones, because it entails the following aspects:

  • A family confronts the addict directly
  • They speak in clear terms about how the addict has hurt them physically and/or emotionally
  • They then ask the addict to seek treatment, and clarify consequences of her refusing

During the Johnson model intervention, family and loved ones have the opportunity to confront the addict directly. During this confrontation, loved ones can voice their concerns about how the addict has hurt them and how continued drug use will affect them. This may be the first time the addict hears from loved ones the effects of her addiction, which can encourage treatment. Also, family members have an opportunity to tell the addict that they will no longer ignore his behaviors. This will help them learn more about addiction and heal from their own pain.

When to Use Johnson Model Interventions

The Johnson model intervention may not be the perfect choice for everyone, but you could use this model in any of the following situations:

  • Before an addict hits “rock bottom”
  • For someone with a strong support system
  • If the user does not realize the depth of her addiction

Many loved ones think an addict has to hit “rock bottom” before accepting treatment, but “rock bottom” may result in death, so seek help long before this consequence develops. Also, the Johnson model of intervention is a perfect tool for an addict with strong family support. It is intended to help not only the addict, but also his loved ones, so it heals everyone involved. Lastly, many addicts are unaware of the depth of their addictions, but by being confronted by loved ones they can see the consequences of drug use. In other words, interventions confront addicts with the pain they cause, which may encourage them to seek help.

Opium Addiction Treatment

If you or a loved one suffers from opium addiction, then call our toll-free helpline today. Our admissions coordinators are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions and to help you find the best treatment available. You do not have to fight addiction alone, so call us today for instant support.