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Hepatitis and Opium Abuse

Hepatitis and Opium Abuse

You may think that your chances of getting hepatitis are minimal because you don’t think it is one of the dangers of opiate abuse. Unfortunately, misusing opiates can lead to a number of diseases, from hepatitis to HIV, and the media has broadcast this connection to help individuals prevent these illnesses. If you or someone you love has an opiate use problem, consider taking every action possible to learn about the risks of hepatitis and prevent this deadly disease.

How Can You Get Hepatitis from Opiates?

The link between hepatitis C and opiate addiction deals with the way people take drugs; it isn’t just about needles, but also about other types of drug-related paraphernalia, and even intimate contact with other individuals with this disease. Hepatitis can spread to other people through contact with the bodily fluids of an infected individual. This disease is commonly spread through sharing needles, but you cannot rule out the risk of getting hepatitis through unprotected sexual contact with someone who is infected. In some rare instances, individuals have contracted hepatitis through intimate contact, such as transmission through cuts or mouth sores.

If you underestimate hepatitis, consider the fact that up to an estimated 80% or more of needle- using opiate addicts currently have hepatitis.

The Dangers of Hepatitis and Opiate Addiction

The combination of hepatitis and opiate addiction can be life threatening. Opiate abuse can impact every internal organ, damage blood vessels and also lead to a higher risk of overdose. Your chances of getting hepatitis increase the longer you use opiates, but you may have already sustained a fair amount of internal damage before you get this disease.

Hepatitis is known for directly impacting the liver. Many patients with hepatitis C develop liver cancer and often require a liver transplant for this failing organ. The combination of these two diseases can accelerate the damage to your body, and continued opiate abuse will also cripple your physical health. If you have avoided hepatitis, it is still quite possible to get it, because your chances for the disease increase every time you avoid ending your addiction.

If you have already contracted hepatitis, your health concerns could keep you from seeking opiate addiction help, because the physical discomfort you feel can make relapse seem quite attractive. However, with the right type of treatment, you can meet your challenges head on and win.

Help for Opiate Addiction and Hepatitis

Don’t delay getting help for your opiate addiction and hepatitis. You can prevent hepatitis from spreading to other users, and you can gain control over your health. Our toll-free helpline is staffed 24 hours a day by addiction recovery professionals, and they can point you in the right direction for recovery.