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Four Best Ways to Educate Yourself About Addiction

Four Best Ways to Educate Yourself About Addiction

Today it is easier than ever to find information about addiction thanks to the internet

Educating yourself about addiction will make you more informed about any substance you put in your body and helps prevent addiction. If you are already addicted to opium it may cause you to realize you need help, or if you are a casual user, maybe you will stop altogether. Everyone should be aware of the risks associated with addiction and how addiction begins. Here are a few ways you can get informed on addiction and its dangers.

Endless Addiction Resources Online

Today it is easier than ever to find information about addiction thanks to the Internet. You have access to basically any information on opium addiction you can imagine, but that too can be a problem. Knowing where to start is often the hardest part. Start your research as broad as possible, focusing on addiction in general or addiction to opium or another specific drug. Focus on what addiction is, what causes it and how to treat it. Once you have an overview of addiction you can get more specific, searching for current treatment methods, recovery statistics and answers to any questions you have. Be sure to stick to reputable websites so that you get the most accurate information. Government sites such as or give unbiased statistics and have many articles and resources. There are many other quality websites to find information, just do not put too much stock into what you read on blogs or other pages.

Talk to a Recovering Addict

No one knows more about the realities of addiction and recovery than someone who has experienced it. If you know someone that has been through an addiction or is currently in recovery they can talk to you about lots of things you may not find on the Internet. If you want to know just how uncomfortable heroin withdrawals can be, ask someone who has been there. A recovering addict may not be as full of facts and figures as the Internet but his real-world experiences will leave a lasting impression on you. Speaking with someone who has had everything taken away from them because of addiction will give you a unique perspective that makes it easier to say no when you have to. When you hear first-hand how devastating the consequences can be substance abuse does not seem as attractive.

Help Someone with Addiction

You may not have much knowledge about addiction but that does not mean you cannot help. Simply talking to an addicted individual will teach you about addiction and how best to support an addict in need. If someone you know suffers from addiction ask him how you can help. Help may mean giving him a ride to treatment or providing temporary housing, just find something you can do to make life easier. By staying involved you will hear more about what happens day-to-day during treatment and you can watch the user gradually improve throughout his recovery. You will also see how much of a struggle addiction is; it takes countless hours of effort to stay away from opium, but in one second you can relapse. Relapse is a fact of life for many recovering users and no one should get discouraged if it happens, just work to make sure it does not happen again and keep improving.

Ask Your Therapist about Addiction

Therapists routinely treat patients that suffer from addiction so yours probably has some experience. Whether you are asking for yourself or general knowledge, a therapist is one of the most qualified people you can ask about substance abuse. A therapist will be able to help you determine if you are suffering from addiction or have a problem with substance abuse. He can tell you more about what causes you to become psychologically addicted and what it takes to beat addiction. Overcoming addiction is more than simply quitting. Every addict starts using drugs or alcohol because of an underlying cause and until that is addressed it is likely that you will continue the behavior. Once you know why you use opium you can take steps to change the situation so it is easier to avoid.

Need Addiction Treatment? Call us.

Are you hooked on opium but do not know how to quit? Call our toll-free helpline today to speak with an addiction expert who can help you find out if you are addicted and direct you to an effective treatment center. Our trained addiction experts are on the line 24 hours a day to answer your questions about opium rehab or to let you know if your health insurance policy will pay for addiction treatment. Pick up the phone and give us a call, the sooner you get help the quicker you can start living a sober life.