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Finding Hope in Other People’s Stories of Recovery

Finding Hope in Other People’s Stories of Recovery

When someone has hope for opium addiction recovery, she can chase her dreams and accomplish goals of sobriety

When it comes to recovery and what to expect from it, many people are unsure of the process, so they are often unable to see the differences between the truth and the myths they hear. However, by hearing of someone else’s recovery success, it gives her hope, and it helps her distinguish between what really occurs and what others think happens. When someone feels alone, she will become hopeful and understand that the struggles are well worth the reward, no matter what she is struggling with. If someone is unable to go hear another person’s recovery story, then use one of the numerous websites that offer a variety of success stories via video.

How Can Hearing Someone’s Recovery Story Create Hope?

Addicts often feel isolated, alone and judged because of their actions and behaviors, both while they are under the influence of opium and when they are withdrawing from the substance. This isolation often causes addicts to turn more to drugs to help fill that gap in their life, the gap that loved one’s once occupied. In fact, drug addicts may occasionally think of treatment or sobriety, but those thoughts are often masked by their drug use and current condition, which means it takes outside help to initiate and maintain recovery.

By hearing a success story, which includes both the triumphs and failures of someone else’s recovery journey, drugs addicts may be encouraged to take the plunge themselves and enter treatment. Included in the following are some examples of how hearing someone’s recovery story can benefit hearers:

  • Give hope
  • Understanding
  • Encourage
  • Not alone

Often times, addicts and recovering addicts have little to no hope that their lives will improve, so they doubt they can achieve and maintain sobriety. This loss of hope can lead to depression, anxiety and the possibility of relapse. In fact, recovering addicts may find excuses on why they do not want to seek additional treatment or why they can do it on their own. While some of these recovering addicts may succeed on their own, many others will need some inspiration to give themselves the added boost to continue to push through their own addiction struggles. Some of those people may find the hope they need by listening to other people’s recovery stories, because they could relate to the speaker’s struggles and setbacks.

Secondly, being understood is often taken for granted. When someone continuously tries to get others to understand the reasoning behind his actions, lifestyle or behaviors, it can get exhausting, and this process may even lead a recovering addict to question if sobriety is right for him. However, if an addict or a recovering addict is able to listen to someone else’s recovery story, then not only is he surrounded by others who understand his struggles, but also there might be someone with whom he can strongly connect. This connection is something both individuals can use while in recovery, because it may foster a healthy relationship around each other’s sobriety.

Next, if an individual continuously tries to accomplish a task or goal, but, despite all her efforts, still fails to get the end result that she so desperately wanted, then she may become discouraged, and she may even forfeit any additional tries at sobriety. In fact, many addicts try multiple times to achieve sobriety, both on their own and perhaps even in treatment various times. Some of these recovering addicts may find themselves on the edge of breaking, because, despite their efforts, their lives have not improved, their relationships are still in shambles and they are struggling financially. What is important to understand about this problem is that every recovering addict starts somewhere, so hearing a similar recovery story can encourage and even give listeners some ideas on how to address their own issues. Being encouraged can give someone an added boost to her self-esteem, which in turn can reinforce healthy behaviors.

Many drug addicts feel alone aside from other drug-using friends and family members. They know their drug abuse affects others, but they may not understand the impact it creates. When one’s addiction affects others, then it is common for those who are not addicts to withdraw from the addict (either slowly or immediately) by either restricting contact or terminating the relationship completely. When they are alone, drug addicts tend to use more drugs as a coping mechanism, meaning to escape reality, even if for a brief moment. However, when they hear of similar stories as their own, then many of them can relate and know that they are not alone in this fight. Countless others struggle with addiction and the same issues, and finding allies in the fight can lead to long-term victory.

Opium Addiction Treatment

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