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Do Good People Get Addicted to Opium?

Do Good People Get Addicted to Opium?Opium, derived from the opium poppy, is a highly addictive substance that can create feelings of euphoria in the user. Opium is used to make heroin and is present in many prescription pain relievers in either natural or synthetic form. Long term use of opium leads to tolerance, the need for larger doses to achieve the same effects, and in many cases, tolerance leads to addiction. Anyone who misuses opium or who uses opium for a long period of time is at risk for opium addiction. Opium addiction knows no boundaries and does not discriminate. Many people from all different types of backgrounds suffer from addiction to opium.

Stigmas Surrounding Opium Addiction Problems

Despite the medical classification of opium addiction as a treatable brain disease, there are still many social stigmas surrounding opium addiction problems. Many people still view addiction as a problem that results from a lack of willpower or moral discipline. However, this is not the case, and many admirable people suffer from opium addiction. Perhaps their addiction began with a prescription from a doctor for pain relief or from one mistake made in youth due to peer pressure. With treatment, anyone suffering from opium addiction can achieve recovery and return to being a productive, successful person who is not consumed by drug abuse.

How to Achieve Opium Addiction Recovery

You or your loved one can achieve opium addiction recovery with the help of a professional treatment program offered by a drug rehab center. Treatment typically begins with detox, which is moderated and medically supervised. Detox refers to a patient’s withdrawal, the time during which the patient’s body is emptied of all traces of opium and the toxins that accumulated due to drug abuse. There may be some uncomfortable symptoms during this process, but with professional care, symptoms can often be lessened or even alleviated. Once detox is complete, patients are offered many treatments and therapies, such as counseling and group meetings. Patients also learn the skills they need to prevent relapse and stay clean long term. After rehab, patients should continue to attend meetings, to maintain their recovery. This is often called aftercare. Drug rehab gives those who suffer from opium addiction a second chance, an opportunity to rebuild their life and regain control. Opium addiction recovery is a long term process that may require repeated treatment.

Need Help Finding Rehab Programs for Opium Addiction?

If you or someone you love is addicted to opium, please dial our toll-free number. One of our rehab admissions counselors can connect you to the treatment you need to achieve opium addiction recovery. We are available 24/7 to take your call. Please call us today.