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Chronic Back Pain and Opium Addiction

Chronic Back Pain and Opium AddictionChronic back pain is a common issue for many individuals. There are dozens of different causes of chronic back pain, ranging from injuries to genetic predisposition. Regardless of how it develops, chronic back pain can be so invasively painful that it can quickly cause an individual to begin searching for means to help alleviate intense and continued pain. In many cases, individuals turn to the use of drugs, including extremely addictive substances such as opium.

The Link Between Chronic Back Pain and Opium Addiction

Opium is one of the most dangerous drugs in the world, primarily because of how addictive it can be. Not only does this substance create both a physical and psychological dependency, but it also creates a number of serious symptoms that can make an individual’s life increasingly complicated. Despite the many warnings, some individuals with chronic back pain still abuse opium for a variety of reasons, including the following:

  • Pain – The primary reason why some chronic back pain patients abuse opium is because it helps stop the pain they are experiencing by numbing their central nervous system. The feelings that are produced when using opium can be so relieving that individuals continue to use opium as a form of self-medication, which can quickly lead to addiction.
  • Functioning – As ironic as it may seem, many individuals with chronic back pain abuse opium in order to function on a regular basis. By numbing their pain with opium, individuals can do everyday things such as run errands, shower, sleep, etc. without experiencing crippling pains that make it impossible for them to live their lives.
  • Coping – Having chronic back pain can be emotionally painful as well, especially as it causes an individual to have to scale back on the things he can do because he is limited by his pain. As a result, a back pain sufferer might begin experiencing depression or anxiety about his current status, and turn to opium to not only help alleviate the physical pain, but also drown out the emotional pain that can come with this condition.

Some individuals who have chronic back pain and abuse opium do so to help relieve their physical pain, function normally on a regular basis, and cope with the emotional troubles related to their physical pain.

Treatment for Chronic Back Pain and Opium Addiction

It is extremely crucial that individuals who are experiencing chronic back pain get the treatment they need to avoid turning to drugs such as opium to cope with the many effects. By doing this, individuals can prevent themselves from succumbing to addiction. However, should an individual find themselves addicted to opium as a result of his back pain, he can get simultaneous treatment for both his addiction problem and his pain problems. This kind of treatment can help address the health issues that are caused by this disorder, as well as the psychological issues that can come from both issues.

Do You Need Help for Back Pain and Opium Addiction?

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