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Can Opium Cause Personality Disorders?

Can Opium Cause Personality Disorders?Personality disorders are often complex conditions with many layers that contribute to their development and continuation. Most personality disorders are caused by genetics and/or an individual’s environment, and while some might think that drug use contributes to the development of these disorders, they usually do not develop as a result of substance abuse. However, substance abuse such as opium abuse can often lead to the aggravation of symptoms associated with a previously occurring disorder and/or mask the disorder entirely.

Commonly Shared Symptoms between Opium Use and Personality Disorders

It can be extremely difficult to determine if a personality disorder is present or if an individual is suffering from the side effects of opium abuse. This can often make it complex for a professional to treat the situation and for an individual to understand his or her own current mental state. Some of the many shared symptoms between opium use and personality disorders that can both mask a disorder and/or fuel its effects can include the following:

  • Changes in mood – Changes in mood, such as increased depression and erratic behavior, are often the most common symptoms of both of these disorders. However, an opium user may blame his mood swings on his drug abuse, which can mask mental health issues that may be present as well.
  • Personal issues – Many people who have personality disorders often suffer from personal issues such as broken relationships, poor financial decisions, employment troubles and legal issues as a result of their condition. Opium users are also likely to experience these exact same issues, which can easily cover up the presence of a personality disorder.
  • Poor communication skills – It can be increasingly complicated to talk rationally with a person who is under the influence of opium, as he or she can lose focus, grow irritable and display impulsive behaviors. These traits, also associated with many personality disorders, may be excused as being caused by opium use and never properly diagnosed as symptoms of a mental health condition like a personality disorder.

Changes in mood, personal issues and poor communication are all symptoms shared between those with personality disorders and those who have an opium addiction.

How to Prevent a Co-Occurring Addiction and Mental Health Disorder

Even though substance abuse cannot cause the development of a personality disorder, it can absolutely aggravate existing symptoms. Therefore, it is important that an individual with either one of these conditions gets the help he or she needs to prevent a co-occurring disorder to develop. It can be incredibly easy for an individual with a personality disorder to turn to drugs like opium to help cope with his situation, and those individuals who use opium can likely aggravate symptoms of a personality disorder through their use. Therefore, regardless of the prominent issue, it is crucial that individuals get treatment that focuses on their current mental health and well-being.

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