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Best Treatment Services for Opium Abuse

Best treatment services for Opium abuseOpium abuse is quite possibly the oldest form of drug abuse, and the potential for opium addiction is still very high. Opium is usually smoked or heated on tin foil, and the smoke is inhaled. Opium addiction is a serious problem and there are several forms of treatment that can help users overcome opium addiction.

Opium Detoxification Help

The first step to recovery from opium addiction is detox. Detox is a medically supervised process where all drugs are allowed to leave the user’s body. During detox, users will experience severe withdrawal symptoms such as shaking, anxiety, vomiting, and paranoia, but these symptoms are never dangerous or life-threatening. Detox should never be attempted without medical supervision. It is very important for opium users to seek further treatment following detox because studies have shown that without further treatment relapse is much more likely. Users should always be engaged in some sort of treatment in order to prevent relapse.

Residential Treatment Centers for Opium Addiction

A very effective form of opium addiction treatment is a stay at a residential treatment center. The typical stay at a residential treatment center lasts between 2 weeks and 6 months, and during this time, users engage in multiple forms of treatment such as individual therapy, group therapy, education about addiction, and learning how to avoid relapse. Treatment centers have shown to be a positive form of treatment for opium addiction, and can help users deal with the temptation of opium abuse. It’s important to find a treatment center that treats the whole person, and not simply the opium addiction. There is usually an underlying cause to opium abuse, and it’s important to address this.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Opium Addiction

Dual diagnosis centers treat both opium addiction and address other issues that may contribute to the problem. Many people that abuse opium also suffer from disorders that may affect their judgment and lead to opium abuse. Dual diagnosis centers may include residential treatment or could consist of outpatient treatments. If there is an underlying mental issue in a user, dual diagnosis treatment can be an extremely effective form of treatment.

Opium Addiction Group Therapy

Group therapy is a preferred form of treatment for opium addiction. In group therapy, users can relate to other users and overcome feelings of shame, regret, and isolation that plague many. Through fellowship with other users, users can learn about what drives their addiction and how to avoid the temptation of opium abuse.

Need Help With Opium Abuse?

If you or a loved one suffer from opium abuse or addiction, we’re here to help. Our toll-free helplines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we want to help you overcome opium addiction. Give us a call today and let us help you find the right form of treatment and get your life back on track.