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Attempting Opium Recovery Alone

Attempting opium recovery aloneOpium is a potent drug that is highly addictive. You may think you can undertake opium recovery on your own, but proper treatment throughout detox and rehab is necessary for recovery. Comprehensive support, understanding and relapse prevention skills are only available through a rehab facility.

Dangers of Trying Opium Detoxification Alone

Detox for any substance can be unsafe if done incorrectly. Opium is no exception, as stopping “cold turkey” can produce such strong withdrawal symptoms that a person attempting detox alone can easily start using again just to bring some relief. Using gradual detox or drug substitution methods, medical professionals at rehab centers can ease withdrawal symptoms.

How Opium Rehabilitation Works

A common mistake many people make when attempting opium recovery alone is to skip treatment for the psychological addiction. An addiction goes much deeper than the physical aspects. Addiction can literally change a personality, mood, and behavior. To prevent a cycle of relapse the quiet internal causes of an addiction must be brought to light. There are practiced therapists and counselors who can show you, through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dual Diagnosis Treatment, how to approach your psychological addiction and its effects on your life. With their help, you can prevent relapses in the future.

Opium Recovery Support

Whether you come completely clean, telling everyone the truth about your opium addiction, or confide in only your most trusted loved ones, support is one of the most important aspects of recovery. In the middle of tough choices, after you’ve finished primary treatment and are back in the real world, you will benefit greatly from having someone encouraging you to remain strong and clean. This necessary support can be found in rehab facilities: knowledgeable rehab workers, caring counselors, and experienced peers who have been right where you are now. There are also programs that will help get your friends and family involved in your treatment.

Preventing Opium Relapse

When a person tries to overcome opium addiction on their own, they often find a sense of invincibility comes along with their newfound sobriety. Feeling empowered by getting clean is not necessarily a bad thing. However, if that sense of power over your addiction causes you to let your guard down – as it does so many who attempt opium recovery alone – then you will be more easily susceptible to relapses. In rehab, you will learn to feel both empowered by your sobriety and to use the skills taught in treatment to remain sober.

Help for Opium Addiction

Don’t wait until it is too late to seek help recovering from opium addiction. Call our toll-free helpline for more information about stopping addiction. We can help. Our phone lines stay open 24 hours a day, so feel free to call anytime. Call now.