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4 Causes of Opium Addiction

4 causes of opium addictionThe following are four causes of opium addiction.

Physical Pain Causes Opium Addiction

Most opium addictions that are the result of physical pain occur when a patient is prescribed an opiate medication. The majority of prescription medications commonly prescribed for pain management contain an opium derivative. Opiate pain medications work by stimulating opiate receptors in the brain and spinal cord to block the reception of pain signals. Opium also triggers reward centers in the brain that result in a general feeling of well-being. While this process makes it effective for the alleviation of pain, it also creates a high potential for abuse, as it can promote physical and psychological strongholds in the mind of the user. This is referred to as dependency. At its worst, an addiction to opium causes a person to believe that they physically and mentally cannot function without regular doses of the drug.

Emotional Pain Causes Opium Addiction

The most popular recreational opiate in the United States is heroin. The use of heroin stimulates the same opiate receptors in the brain as pain medications, but heavy concentrations of opium provide the user with feelings of euphoria and escape. Many recreational drug users use heroin in an attempt to ward off feelings of loneliness, fear, boredom or depression. It may seem to temporarily work, but heroin ultimately increases emotional pain and decreases an individual’s quality of life.

Lack of Vulnerability and Consistent Accountability Cause Opium Addiction

Opium use may turn into addiction, because the user tries to keep the drug a secret or simply had no one he or she felt was trustworthy. If loneliness is one of the contributing factors for an addiction, loneliness will be a key factor in allowing addiction to continue. A network of trusted doctors, family members and friends can prevent many addictions from occurring and can also guide an individual through rehab.

Past Failures Cause Opiate Addiction

Because opium is present in the majority of prescription pain medications and available in a variety of illicit forms, it is not uncommon for some users to struggle with multiple addictions throughout the course of their life. Feelings of hopelessness start to set in when individuals make an effort toward rehab only to experience a relapse or develop another addiction. Relapse is not the end of recovery, however, and there is always hope.

Need Help Finding Resources for Opium Rehabilitation?

If you find that you have become addicted to some form of opium, the time to act is now. You are addicted to one of the most powerful substances in the world and have an addiction that will ultimately endanger your life and wellbeing. We are available 24 hours a day through our toll-free helpline to answer your questions and point you toward quality rehab facilities. Please call us today.