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3 Positive Effects of Healing Human Relationships

3 Positive Effects of Healing Human Relationships

Healing relationships, which were broken due to another’s addiction, can be a long road to recovery, but well worth the ride

When an individual suffers from Opium addiction, it is so easy to forget how the addiction affects those around them, even more so how the addiction affects their family.  When an individual seeks treatment for their addiction, their family is often left behind trying to put the pieces of their life back together.  While some may find comfort in this time, other loved ones may find it difficult to make the transition from having the addict constantly around to them no longer being there.

According to Psych Central, family involvement in treatment often gives loved ones a chance to step back and recognize negative behavior patterns in both themselves and the addict.  Many loved ones may have ignored the warning signs of addiction, because they were afraid to acknowledge the issues.  Because the addiction was ignored for as long as it was, loved ones often have built up emotions when it comes to their addicted loved one.  These emotions can cause a gap in the relationship and lead loved ones to distance themselves from the addict, even if the addict is reaching out to them.

Benefits of Healing Human Relationships

Relationships with others are often taken for granted until they are no longer there.  Often times than not, this is when an addict starts to see how their addiction has impacted their family, both close loved ones and distant.  The wrath that addiction has placed on relationships can cause the addict to feel isolated and throw them deeper into addiction.

Loved ones hold a tremendous power, even if they feel helpless in regards to their loved one’s addiction.  The power to show love to those who despite their actions can make it difficult, often gives addicts a little hope that they are worth it.  Included in the following are some examples on the benefits of healing human relationships for both the addict and their loved ones:

  • Healing entire family unit
  • Strong foundation
  • Security

Addiction often impacts every family member on a different level.  Often times those closest to the addict are more impacted by the addiction when compared to those who are not as close.  Because of this, loved one’s often try to help the addict in ways they know such as supplying money, housing, or even transportation.  Although their best intentions are to help the addict, loved one’s often enable the addict’s behaviors by helping them.  This can cause strain in an individual’s own family unit, which can trickle down to other loved ones, even in those in distant relationships can feel the effects of addiction.  When loved ones are integrated into treatment, they personally can start to heal which can help them repair their personal relationships, thus healing the entire family unit.  This can help the addict have a stronger support system for when they complete treatment.

Having a strong support system and foundation to lean on for an addict is extremely important.  Addicts often forget how beneficial it is to have their loved ones involved in their life until they are not there.  Although loved ones may feel hesitant at first to allow the recovering addict into their family unit, they can protect both themselves and their family be setting healthy boundaries which informs the recovering addict on what is and is not acceptable behavior for the recovering addict to be involved in their life.  This strong support system can give the recovering addict the self-confidence to continue their sobriety and remain on track.

Feeling secure, both mentally and physically, can help ease the stress and anxiety of any situation.  Loved ones may have struggled with feeling secure because there were unaware how the addict was going to act while under the influence of Opium.  Having the sense of security that the family is now safe from the addict’s volatile behavior, because they are now sober, can give everyone the extra breathing room to start living again and allow them to start to truly repair their relationships with one another.  Even for recovering addicts, feeling secure with their relationships can give them  the added push to continue making healthy choices but the added support when they feel like giving up.

Opium Drug Addiction

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