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3 Common Fears about Opium Recovery

3 common fears about opium recoveryMaking the decision to end opium addiction can be scary. Doubts and fears arise, and individuals who need addiction help may find themselves worrying about such issues as the following:

  • Can I quit?
  • Will it be painful?
  • What will people think when they find out about my addiction?
  • What if I fail?
  • Will I have anyone to support me after recovery?
  • Will I still have friends if I stop using opium?
  • Can I afford rehab?

These questions and more trouble so many addicts, and fears about recovery may cause an individual to not even try to quit in the first place. If you are addicted to opium, don’t let your fears break your resolve to recover from your addiction. Get help today.

I’m Afraid It Will Be Too Difficult and Painful to Quit Using Opium

Overcoming addiction is difficult. When you are addicted to opium, your body and mind are convinced they need the drug. You crave it, and you feel ill without it. The first step to ending opium addiction is detox. Detox allows all traces of the drug to leave the body, and it ends physical addiction. During detox most individuals will experience withdrawal symptoms. Opium withdrawal symptoms can be painful, but with the help of medical professionals your withdrawal symptoms can be minimized or even eliminated. Detox is followed by treatment for the psychological aspects of opium addiction. Therapy and counseling is necessary for maintaining a drug-free life. Overcoming opium addiction will be difficult, but it is possible with help from a team of professionals and support from loved ones and peers in recovery.

I’m Afraid I Won’t Have Any Friends If I Stop Using Opium

Once you stop using opium, you may not keep the same friends. Opium use often leads to friends and a social life that revolves around the drug and drug use. This can make it seem as though you will have no friends and nothing to do if you recover from addiction. This is not true. When you stop using opium, you won’t want to be around others who abuse opium, if you want to stay clean. Maintaining recovery will involve finding old friends, family members and new friends in recovery that support a healthy lifestyle and your sobriety. In rehab you will meet others with similar recovery goals, and the bonds you form in rehab may lead to lasting friendships.

I’m Afraid I Can’t Afford Opium Rehabilitation

Opium rehab is not financially out of reach. Many insurance plans will cover some or even all of the costs of rehab. Other funding options include federal assistance programs, scholarships, sponsorships by churches or local groups, personalized payment plans or loans. Don’t let the expense of rehab cost you your life. Recovery will always be cheaper than long-term addiction.

Opium Recovery Help

Don’t let your fears stop you from finding recovery from opium addiction. Opium addiction recovery is possible. Call our toll-free helpline today, and let us help you find the right recovery option for you. We are available 24 hours a day to talk to you about addiction. Make the choice today to stand up to your fears and to take the first step toward recovery.