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10 Ways to Resist a Craving to Opium

10 Ways to Resist a Craving to OpiumWhile recovering addicts can try hard to avoid cravings and relapse triggers, sometimes these events occur unexpectedly. People must prepare themselves for opium cravings so that they can move forward without relapsing. Drug cravings commonly weaken as recovery endures, and people can get better at resisting cravings with practice. Establish a few solid ways to cope with drug cravings to resist seemingly overwhelming cravings.

You can resist an opium addiction craving if you utilize the following 10 tips:

  • Exercise—Physical activity allows people to escape drug cravings, and it also distracts users. It does not matter what the physical activity is, but taking a walk or riding a bike can occupy time and boost endorphins that reduce cravings. Find an enjoyable physical activity that you can do anytime of the day.
  • Talk to someone or yourself—Talking things through helps people think rationally. Drug cravings are irrational impulses, butt recovering users can find great clarity when they identify the craving and talk through their thoughts and feelings.
  • Journal—Writing is another form of self-expression that can help people through cravings. Some people find this option more helpful than talking through a problem, because journaling provokes both clarity and rational thought. You may find it helpful to reread old entries of times that you overcame other challenges.
  • Relax—Cravings can induce stress and anxiety, which can strengthen the craving and etc. Take a bath, nap or meditating to calm nerves and to diffuse stress.
  • Talk to a sponsor—Some people need to reach out for help to stay clean. The road to recovery is a long journey that is impossible to navigate without help. There is no shame in reaching out to a sponsor or other recovery professional for support. Getting in touch with recovery professionals does not mean someone is going backwards in recovery, and in doing so people can actually prevent relapse.
  • Prepare and review a list of goals—Remind yourself of what you are doing and why you fight for sobriety. Review the reasons you want to resist cravings, and remember why sobriety is so important.
  • Find a new focus—Establish new hobbies and find new activities that fill your schedule. Several issues may trigger cravings, so it is important to generate healthy activities that can replace unhealthy ones. Dedicate certain days of the week to a particular hobby or activity. Create a schedule full of healthy ways to focus your time and energy.
  • Pamper yourself—Since drugs harm the body, do something to restore your health. Take a bath, nourish yourself with food, buy a new outfit, get your hair or nails done and etc. In other words, feel good about your healthy lifestyle.
  • Outlast the clock—Set a goal to avoid temptation for an allotted amount of time. Cravings will pass, and focusing on a short-term goal can motivate you to outlast the craving.
  • Identify the problem—Find out what influences your cravings (tiredness, loneliness, boredom and etc.) to rectify it.

With help, you can resist any opium craving.

Help for Opium Addiction

If you need help overcoming opium addiction, then call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline now. You can stay clean with the right help.